Best bargain at Apple can be yours for less than $300

The best bargain at Apple can be yours for less than $300

Apple watches series 3 is one of the best deals on the silent deck.

Lost in the chaos surrounding iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 4's new release, the newly discounted $ 279 series 3 can cost a star at a reasonable price from a company that has the reputation of squeezing every possible paisa from its customers. All-day battery life, attractive design, high-tech fitness tracking capabilities, the series 3 is still out of nowhere to expire.

Since its introduction in 2015, the new series 4 represents a huge improvement in the watch line - its display is 30 percent larger and its body is a slim thin - this is a very expensive model. The big 4 screens are brought with big price tags. The latest smartwatch starts at $ 399 and adds a cellular connection to $ 529.

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Apple watches series 3, in the meantime, can do almost the same things, protecting the new E-Cardiogram-taking capabilities of Apple watches series 4.Upgrading Series 3 watches 5 will see its processor get a slew of new features than the ability to handle without a link. And the best part? You can walk with an Apple store and buy a series 3 while selling at the end of 4 October. Hard April devotees love series 4 and spend their money well - but $ 279 Apple watches series 3 is the right purchase for temporary buyers a quarter of the wearables.

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Apple shares fell 1.1 percent to $ 217.66 on Friday.