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How to Clean Air Fryer with These Simple Tips Basket and Pan

A fryer is the most convenient gadget for cooking at home. It facilitates and makes cooking more convenient, especially for bakery products. The Air fryer cooks food faster easy way to clean air fryer than traditional ovens. Also, you do not need excess oil or butter to cook food. It makes the food crispy and crunchy. Nowadays, people love using this cooking gadget because of its various excellent features.

How to Clean Air Fryer

However, if you are the new user of a fryer and do not know How to Clean Air Fryer properly, this publication is for you. Here you will find a more effective and simple guide, which will help you clean the appliance correctly.

How to Clean Air Fryer (Great Effective Guideline)

Cleaning a fryer is not that difficult. By following these simple steps below, you can easily clean your fryer.

Disconnect the fryer first

First, unplug the Air fryer before beginning the cleaning process. It is important to avoid unexpected damages. Turn on your fryer, unplug it and let it cool completely. It will take about 30 minutes to cool completely. The air fryer will cool more quickly if you remove the basket and plate from the main unit.

Clean the inside and outside of the fryer

How to clean your air fryer the inside and outside of the fryer is much easier. Carefully remove the basket from the fryer and the parts of the pan carefully. How to clean ninja foodi air fryer lid, Use a microfiber cloth or damp cotton to clean the outside of your Air fryer. Now wash the interior of the appliance with warm water. A non-abrasive sponge pad can be used to create a scrubber. After that, clean all the parts you have cleaned with a paper towel to dry properly.

How to clean air fryer heating element

The fan component and the heating element of the tips How to Clean Air Fryer may be difficult to reach. If you can reach these parts, try to clean them as regularly as possible. Use a brush to clean without scratches with soft bristles to make a delicate scrub. Never use a metal brush or hard bristles in the heating zone. Turn the appliance upside down and clean the heating element with a sponge and warm water.

Do not use dish washing soap on how to clean air fryer heating element. Dry the heating element well easy way to clean air fryer with a paper towel. If it is possible to reach the fan element, use a small, thin wire brush to clean the dust or food particles. Do not use water to clean the fan of the appliance.

Apply Baking Soda to Get Rid of Stuck-On Food Residue

how to clean air fryer with baking soda

How to clean air fryer with baking soda: If you have food residues stuck in the appliance, you can apply the sodium bicarbonate solution to clean it completely. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Gently shake the bottle to mix the solution correctly. Gently spray the solution inside the fryer, let it penetrate through the residue for 2 minutes. Then return the fryer to its normal position. Let the solution stand for 30 minutes. Repeat the process one more time and rub gently with a non-abrasive sponge or soft brush. Now clean it with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Clean the basket and fryer from the fryer.

For most brands of fryers, the basket and pan are safe to clean the dishwasher. Check the manual description of your appliance to see if it is dishwasher safe or not. If the appliance is dishwasher safe, simply clean the basket and tray with the dishwasher. Or if it is not safe to clean the dishwasher, rinse the basket and other parts with warm water. You can use hot water and soap to clean these parts of your fryer.

Dip the fryer basket and the pan with hot water.

If there are stubborn stains that do not come out of the pan or the basket, soak them in warm water and in the dishwasher. Fill the pan with warm water and add a little detergent with water. Place the basket in the pan and let it soak for at least 20 minutes. This will help dissolve the waste from the bottom of the tray and the basket. Then, clean them with a scratch-resistant sponge and rinse them normally.

Allow all parts of the fryer to dry

After cleaning all parts of the fryer, allow it to air dry for a few hours. Or you can use paper towels or a damp cloth to dry the main unit, basket and pan.

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Additional tips for Caring for the Air Fryer

Here are some useful tips to take care of your fryer. Take a look to learn more.

Prepare your lovely compressed air fryer on one level and heat resistant in your kitchen.
 Always place the food evenly in the fryer to confirm cooking.
 To obtain a crunchy appearance, spray or brush a small amount of oil on the food before frying.
 If you are trying a recipe for normal ovens, reduce the cooking temperature by 25F for a fryer.
 When frying chicken wings or french fries, dry the items with a towel before cooking them.     
 Because humidity is the enemy of crunchy and crunchy snacks.
 How to Clean Air Fryer: Use a food thermometer to keep in mind that when fully cooked.
 Always preheat your fryer, just like a normal oven.
 To avoid overcooking, check the food 5-10 minutes before the recommended cooking time.

Final words

All the guides, tips and tricks found above the post on How to clean the fryer will help you clean the appliance easily. Another tip for you, always check the manual instructions supplied with your fryer. The different types of models and brands of the easiest way to clean air fryer have different instructions for maintenance and cleaning. That is why it is important to know the correct cleaning process of an air fryer. If you do not have instructions, you can find manuals online using the model number on the bottom or side of the unit.
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