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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Nonstick Cookware

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Nonstick Cookware

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Nonstick Cookware

When used and stored properly, nonstick cookware utensils are a handy kitchen tool. These pans are easy to use (especially for the novice chef), and are particularly easy to clean. However, how to use non stick pan first time? when used incorrectly, all the Nonstick pans are easily destroyed.

From cooking to cleaning, here are five common mistakes people encounter when using non-stick cooking tools - with the best tips on how to avoid these pitfalls!

1. Cooking on high heat

Cooking on high heat should be avoided for some reason. First, bad temperatures increase for non-adhesive coating on cooking utensils. Over time exposure to high temperatures will worsen. Also, depending on the type of non sticky layer in the pan, cooking can result in high heat to release unhealthy smoke, which can be toxic.

Follow this advice: Cook in medium heat with non-stick cooking utensils.

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2. Use nonstick spray spray

Using non-stick cooking spray on non-stick cookware is less important. Here's a problem - after a while the pool pan gets a sticky buildup of spray that does not burn during cooking. It usually happens around the pan. Removing this adhesive film requires some heavy grease and is not easy to happen.

Follow this advice: Use full fat, such as oil or butter, instead of cooking spray.

3. Failure during frying

Like steel iron, it is helpful to prepare and re-prepare non-stick cooking utensils. Not only will it help you to strengthen your time, it will also improve the way the dishes are cooked in these foods.

Follow this Advice: To illuminate the pan, rinse and thoroughly dry, then use a paper towel to rub one teaspoon of oil (whatever type you would do) in the pan. It is also a good idea to recycle the pan by throwing it, it is a small amount of oil every hour before use.

 does olive oil ruin non stick pans

4. Use sharp objects or abrasives anywhere near a pan

It applies to cooking and cleaning. Use sharp tools such as knives or metal knives to stir or remove the food from the pan, including things like hard oil to clean, can excrete and damage the paint. Once the paint on the coils is accidentally starting to remove or put on, it's best to replace it. does olive oil ruin non stick pans.

Follow this Advice: For cooking, stick sticks or silicone spatula to stir the food. When cleaning time, use a sponge or soft or non-metallic brush.

5. Clean the nonstick cookware in the dishwasher

It is true that many non-stick pans claim to be safe in the dishwasher, when to throw away non stick pans but high-hot water and harsh detergents are not good for non-sticky layers. Over time, this will result in a more rapid aggravation of the pan than washing your hands.

Follow this advice: Wash non-stick cooking utensils. It can help your tank last longer.

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