Best Microwave Ovens to Buy in 2019 - Best Microwave Review

Hello Guys, Today I will share best over the range microwave and its buy in 2019. This microwave convection oven is a smart price and I choose the best 3 products. I think that it is probably this model that comes to mind when we are said to be the best over the range microwave. It is not multi-functional, but if you do not cook dishes this one is enough. I will be to choose the best microwave reviews.

1. [Family] Panasonic Microwave single function range 22L

Panasonic Microwave single function range


Price: 16,140 yen (1/5)
  • Storage capacity: 22L 
  • Maximum range output: 850W 
  • Inside table: Turntable 
  • automatic menu: ○ 
  • Steam function: × 
  • non-fry cooking: × 
  • super heated steam cooking: ×
  1. Range output is three stages (700 W, 500 W, 150 W)
  2. Because it has steam sensor, rice and side dishes, frozen rice is heated with one touch.
  3. Because it is Hertz free, it can be used anywhere in Japan.
  • This is enough function if you can only cook food.
  • The design looks cheap as it is.
  • The turntable is easy to wash.
  • Warming speed is fast. It gets warmer.
  • If it is a side dish of soup, warming unevenness tends to occur.
  • The door making was bad and it became difficult to open.
  • Automatic menus are hard to use unexpectedly. I can not make detailed settings.
  • Pear unstable which was too warm or heated cold by heating on automatic menu.
  • The ground wire is short, making installation difficult.

2. [Cheap] Haier over the range microwave JM-M22A 22L

Haier over the range microwave


Price: 5,000 yen (1/5)

Storage capacity: 22L 
Maximum range output: 700W 
Inside table: Turntable 
automatic menu: × 
steam function: × 
non-fry cooking: × 
super heated steam cooking: ×

  1. Output 4 step switching (700 W, 600 W, 500 W, 200 W)
  2. With 10-second incremental dial timer
  3. It is easy to see because the dial timer glows with the LED.
  4. Inside the cabinet spacious 20 cm
  • cheap.
  • Fashionable design is cheap.
  • The operation is simple and easy to handle.
  • 700 W unexpectedly warms up with high power.
  • It is cheap and bad. It will break soon.

3. [Luxury] Sharp superheated steam best over the range microwave 31 L

Sharp superheated steam best over the range microwave


Price: 25,800 yen (1/5)
  • Storage capacity: 31 L 
  • Maximum range output: 1000 W In- 
  • room table: Flat table 
  • automatic menu: ○ 
  • Steam function: ○ 
  • Non-fried cooking: ○ 
  • Overheated steam cooking: ○
  1. You can cook delicious quickly with hot air cooking.
  2. Since it can be heated with steam, the sponge cake fabric is finished moistly.
  3. Baking unevenness is suppressed by two-stage cooking.
  4. Since there is a thawing thawing function, it is possible to thoroughly thaw the extent to which it can cut with a kitchen knife. You can use as much as you need and the rest can be frozen again.
  5. Steam generation is fast, steam cups can be washed entirely, so they are an archaeological remains.
  6. Since the temperature adjustment can be set quite finely, it is possible to thaw the ice cream to such a degree as to scoop the ice cream with a spoon.
  7. It is warmed quickly with 1000 W inverter.
  8. Since there is a frozen food thawing button, automatic side dish can be easily pasta or lunch side dish.
  • The heat street is fast.
  • Overheated steam shortens warming time.
  • Because it can cook non-fried with warm air it can cut excess oil and it is good for health.
  • The balance of the legs is bad.
  • Depending on the food, there may be uneven warmth.
  • The display is dark and hard to see.
  • The sound of warming is a little big.
  • Since the power consumption is large, breaker tends to fall easily.

How to choose a microwave oven | heating method and table and sensor

Heating method

Single function range (microwave oven): A microwave convection oven range of a method of heating by heating water molecules in food by Panasonic microwaves.

Since water molecules must be vibrated, food containing no moisture can not be heated naturally.

Also, since it can not be heated unless the microwave reaches, cooking (foil grilling) covered with aluminum foil reflecting microwaves can not be done.

Oven range: In addition to the single function range function, it can also heat from the heater.

Food which could not be heated with a single function range can also be heated.

Steam oven: A method of generating water vapor by boiling water in a tray to overheat.

It is close to "steaming" feeling from cooking with warm steam.

On the other hand, there is also a super heated steam steam oven.

This is a type of oven that heats by filling the interior of the cabinet with steam heated to 100 ° C or more.

It is usually 100 ° C when water boils, but it becomes high temperature steam at 100 ° C or more by rapidly oscillating water molecules.

It is also called a water oven.


Rotary table: Here is the buy microwave oven that we imagine. There is a circular turntable in the range storehouse, and put food (dish) on it and warm it.

I put on something to warm up on the turntable and rotate it to reduce "warming unevenness".

However, something that does not ride on the turntable, such as a large square dish, can not be rotated inside the range cabinet and can not be warmed.

Flat table: Types often seen at convenience stores. There is no turntable in the cabinet and it is flat as its name suggests.

It is easy to clean because there are no irregularities or steps unlike the rotary table.

Also convenient if you open the range door and you can warm it inside.


Speaking of the range, the image that decides the temperature that can be warmed up by "wattage" and "time" is strong, but if you have a sensor, you can set it to "warming temperature" and just press the button.

If you can warm up with "wattage" and "time", remove it once from the range once it warms up, check if it got warm by touching with hand, warm up with "10 seconds" if it is not enough, add "30 seconds" Or, there is a hassle.

However, if there is a sensor, the range will warm up without permission until it reaches the set temperature, so it will not take such a trouble.

Humidity · temperature sensor: It automatically adjusts heating time by sensing water vapor and temperature inside the cabinet.

A system that is often adopted even in a relatively inexpensive middle model.

Weight sensor: A method of sensing the weight of food and the weight of generated steam (steam) and adjusting heating time.

Infrared Sensor: A system in which an infrared sensor senses the surface temperature of food and adjusts heating time.

It is not directly indirect cues such as the temperature and weight change of best microwave steam and Panasonic inverter microwave, but measures the temperature of the food directly and heats it, so it is less uneven.