Best Way to Clean a Microwave Oven (Update)

If you have the Best Way to Clean a Microwave Oven, you know it can be one of those things you do not remember cleaning. So you need to warm something up and open it just to find the ugly truth regarding the soiled best way to clean inside a microwave oven.

It does not take much to make the how to clean a microwave oven dirty. Every time you cook something there or heat some food, there is a possibility to leave it dirty, you may not know.

Best Way to Clean a Microwave Oven

Here is the best way to clean your microwave oven

Best way to clean inside a microwave oven

Use steam

If you have some stubborn dirt in the microwave, the trick is to loosen it with some steam.

It is very simple. Since the microwave will work by heating the water in the food, the microwave is a simple solution of vinegar and water. Use one teaspoon of vinegar in a bowl of water, and fill the microwave for a minute.

If the minutes do not work, keep the microwave until the inside is saturated with steam. The steam will make the splashes soft and easy to remove. Vinegar also works together by cutting any grease in the microwave.

Once it is saturated with steam and soft, wipe it with a clean cloth, the dirt will only come like magic. Pay special attention to the door, because it is a popular grease area that may be easily overlooked.

The rotor can then be removed and cleaned separately but very carefully under running water. Be sure to rinse all the soap, and while drying, clean the place where it sits with some soapy water.

The rubber seal

This is the area around the microwave door that can be easily forgotten. However, it is very easy to clean using a damp sponge. Use water only so that the rubber is not damaged by cleaning detergents.

how to clean a microwave oven without vinegar

You can also clean how to clean a microwave oven with vinegar daily without using vinegar. This procedure is very simple;
  • Get a clean sponge and make it fully wet. Make sure it is fully saturated with water, then place it in the microwave.
  • Then, fill a spray bottle with water, and add a few drops of lemon oil. Then spray the inner part of the microwave with lemon water and make sure it is sprayed everywhere. Up, down, out, and even sides.
  • Place your microwave for 2 minutes and start playing it. When the time runs out, the microwave will turn off. Leave the sponge for a few minutes until cool. Once it is cooled, use it to comb all harmful substances and dirt from your microwave.
  • Use the same sponge out, and it will work wonders for you.

Ensure the best way to clean inside a microwave oven

So what can you do to keep it clean?

Prevent spills in the microwave

This is very simple, you only need to cover your food when you cook it in the best way to clean microwave convection oven or heat it up. You can use plastic wrap or a paper towel. When the food is heated quickly, it can be breathed and filtered everywhere, when covered, it keeps spills to a minimum, making it easier for you to clear them.

Wipe it as you do your homework

Put it in your task list on a daily basis while cleaning your kitchen. it's very easy. Since it is on the desk, you are scanning the counter, open it and clean it from inside every day.
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Because the microwave is closed, we tend to forget to open it and see it too dirty, so putting it in the task list ensures you clean it as much as possible.

How to clean a microwave

  • If you continually find that the microwave has an awesome smell, try the following;
  • Add one tablespoon to a bowl of water
  • Place the lemon on the microwave oven and warm the vinegar,
  • Remove the water but continue to heat the water,
  • Stop and add one tablespoon of baking soda to the water and keep heating.
  • Add one tablespoon of packaged lemon juice.
This process will leave the microwave with a wonderful smell.

Safety procedures

  • Never food the microwave in sealed containers. This is because the seam inside the container will continue to expand and may cause explosions that can be very chaotic and difficult to clean. Remember that this can cause accidents.
  • Cover the food with a cohesive membrane and puncture several air holes to avoid spills in the microwave. he microwaves because this will cause an explosion. Also, avoid using any other types of minerals in the clean microwave convection oven.
  • Vegetable skins should always be perforated with salsa or thorn before cooking.
  • Use oven gloves to remove hot liquids from the microwave.
  • You can also use a measuring cup that has a wide aperture when you need to heat the water in the microwave.
  • While heating something in the microwave, stay away from the door.
  • Never use any chips in it


For the best way to clean a microwave oven to last for a long time, always review be sure to take good care of it. Simple steps like closing the door when finished, wiping as much as possible, and avoiding non-microwave materials will work wonderfully for you.

Keep the clean microwave convection oven away from children and when you clean it, always take care of the interior glass where it can be easily broken. Replacing this glass is almost impossible, and if you find it, it may be just as expensive as buying a new microwave.

Cleaning it daily will not only make it look good, but it will also last longer, but it will also ensure that your family is kept clean that will protect you from diseases and diseases caused by soiled microorganisms.

The best way to clean your Microwave oven is one of the most convenient machines in every home, so be sure to keep it well so you can enjoy it for a long period of time.