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The 5 Best Cheap Microphone for YouTube with Smartphone and Dslr Camera

The 5 Best Cheap Microphone for YouTube with Smartphone and Dslr Camera

The 5 Best Cheap Microphone for YouTube with Smartphone and Dslr Camera: If you want to start your YouTube channel as soon as possible cheap microphones, just want to start getting a microphone with good quality. Your audience can not hear you, then believe them to subscribe to them, is basically impossible. That's why I created a list of the best cheap microphones for YouTube.

This is a guide for channels with low budget and then show microphone price. If you're a young rockefeller, you can go to the list of the best microphones. If you're rich, if you want to learn new things, you can go there to learn more about microphone types.

For now, check out the options you choose to select the best budget microphone for YouTube:

How to choose between the Best Cheap Microphones for Youtube

To close the microphone types instantly, you can choose:

There are three types of good for YouTube:

The 5 Best Cheap Microphone 1

Lavalier: These mini microphone are good if you want to use your smartphone as a recording device. It is the most common choice for Youtuber and Smartphone user, because it does not have a camera with external microphone input and it should be recorded as bloggers and dslr microphone. They are very small and can improve your clothes to improve your sound.

Best Cheap Microphone: You can connect them to your smartphone and use a compact camera to record your video, then you have to synchronize the software.
The 5 Best Cheap Microphone

USB: These microphones are my favorites. They usually give you the most value for your money. Unfortunately, they are only useful for some channels. USB MICs are created to record before your PC. This is the best option for gamers or vloggers who love to record voice on audio that is common practice in the tutorial channel.
The 5 Best Cheap Microphone 3

Shotgun: If you have a miniature input and hot shoe in your camera, then Mirror-like and most part of the DSLR, you may like shotgun mix. You should not wear these MICs because they are set to the top of your camera and will increase your voice until you point to your camera. Be careful in choosing one of these, because very low quality shotguns are like a waste.

2. The 2 Best lavalier microphone for Your Smartphone or Camera

Lavalier Microphone, Seacue 3.5mm Omnidirectional

Lavalier Microphone, Seacue 3.5mm OmnidirectionalPerhaps the cheapest way to provide good audio for your channel, maybe lavalier microphone, Seacue 3.5mm Omnidirectional, who will connect to your scrap. This flagship is less expensive and better than micro-enterprise on smartphones.

The main advantage of this mic is that it's slightly different compared to your sound surrounding your audio by improving your audio. This is much higher than the built-in MICs in the cabest lavalier microphone mera from all price limits. Your voice is strong and clear; You can not really ask this price.

Best lavalier microphone You can not be subtle to use for your entire YouTube career, but at least with good brains if you can not buy good mini microphone for iphone

3. Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel MicrophoneOn the other hand, if you can spend a little more, you will have a secure payment for a very low price mic. In that case, this powerdewise professional grade lavalier was named among vloggers very quickly.

The main reason is surprisingly good for its price. It's good to cut the air sound, which is a very common problem when recording as a vologaro. If you want, it comes with an extension cable and an easy pouch to go with your dslr microphone.

It's very valuable for your money, and one of the microphones that I highly recommend is for Bloggers, which can cost even more.

3. Top 2 Best Cheap USB Mics for YouTube

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser MicrophoneThis Samson go portable mic best usb mic Condenser Microphone is very portable and I love about USB MICs: choosing polar sample options. That means you can set up your microphone if you want to have a cardioid mode or ubiquitous mode.

If you do not know, the cardio audio mike only increases the voice coming from the front, but lifts the sound of the inferior version from every direction. This option is good at this optional limit.

It comes with a small clip that you can use to mount your camera on most of your webcams on your LCD screen. It's not my favorite way of using samson microphones, but you can still stand for it.

4. Eberry cobblestone microphone

Eberry cobblestone microphoneIf you do not pay much attention to changing your polar patterns, then eberry cobblestone microphone is a cheap microphone price.

This only comes with cardio-powered design, which you want for voice recording probably suppresses the sound from other directions.

It's not portable as Samson, but it's cheap and comes with more comfortable small tripods for the YouTube video than screen / table clips.

Finally, both the best usb mic also have the same audio quality, but it is the person that I personally enjoyed over the older version of Samson.

5. Best Cheap Shotgun Mic for YouTube

Takstar SGC-598 Interview Microphone

takstar sgc 598 interview microphone

Choosing between shotgun takstar sgc 598 interview microphone is very painful, especially when we look at the low cost models. I had to see a lot of opportunities to find a good quality affordable price.

I do not think it could be cheaply suggested as compared to the takstar sgc 598. You can get a $ 200 shotgun microphone, which is not good. This is the reason I say that it has pain in the butt.

Happily, TAKSTAR is definitely a good choice for the price. It gives you a very clear amount of light using light and any built-in micros. I will give you more options but honestly, this is the lowest shotgun to make these comfortable recommendations.

If you want to upgrade once, make sure that your main microphone article is going to cost you a valuable expensive shotgun takstar microphone. I've done a lot of work for you.

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