Thursday, 4 October 2018

Features that will be lost from the smartphone

Features that will be lost from the smartphone

Older things are lost when something new comes out. Much of the technology is tied in such rules. Let's talk about smartphones. One of the best features of smartphones at one time is losing popularity over time.

Smartphone brands are trying to advance from competitors to design and innovate. Changes in things like best non smartphone cameras, headphones jack or fingerprint scanners Once upon a time many new technologies will be lost from the smartphone soon. Find out some of these features:

Single camera: Before the camera was a good camera, it was a surprise. Users expect better quality cameras behind smartphones. But now smartphone makers are not stuck in one cameras. Dual or triple lens camera phones are seen. There is a buzz, with 5 sensors behind the smartphone.

Fingerprint sensor: Fingerprint sensor technology from smartphone can take off. Apple did not give fingerprint scanners separately in their Xs, Xs Mac and XR model iPhone. Face ID technology for safety added. Android phone maker Oppo and Vivo in-display fingerprint scanners are made. One Plus and Samsung are also walking the same way.

Headphone jack: Most 3.5mm headphones are dispatched by most smartphone makers. Headphones jack may be omitted on the 39Phonplus 6 model phone.

Sim Card Slot: Apple is adding new iPhone e-SIM support for 2014. Soon, the Android phone makers can also add e-SIM to the SIM card slot.

MicroSD card slot: External microSD card affects smartphone performance, it is known. Now the phone manufacturers are increasing the internal storage. MicroSD facilities in the future may be completely closed.

Mobile charger: Slowly wireless charging technology is becoming popular. This will reduce the use of conventional chargers. One time people will be using the charging cable and adapter. Wireless pads instead will be popular and best non smartphone.

SPEAKER: In the future, the smartphone will display as the speaker. As a result, you do not need to keep a smartphone speaker separately. Speakers already use the display. Vivo New phones are the sound from the display.

Volume Button: The button that is now used to increase the volume with the phone, will not be in the future. Smartphone will be connected to multi-functional or multiple workable power buttons.

Phone size: The size of the cell phone we now see, the size of the phone will not be in the future. It will soon be able to grab a flexible or foldable smartphone market.
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