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OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review
OnePlus Bullets Wireless review
The Oneplus earbuds 6T unharness rumors square measure fully swing, and whereas the smartphone grabs all the headlines, we’re additional curious about its earbuds. whereas we tend to wait out the official details of oneplus earphones’ new flagship, that we tend to already grasp lacks a phone jack, let’s look into the OnePlus Bullets Wireless.

Who is that the OnePlus Bullets Wireless for?

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review 2018
  • OnePlus users. because the name implies, the OnePlus Bullets square measure designed to figure seamlessly with oneplus earphones devices. you'll be able to access Google Assistant and create playback and volume commands all while not removing your automaton phone.
  • Athletes. though the earbuds haven’t received an officer informatics rating, what is oneplus ?, they’re sweat-resistant in line with OnePlus.
  • Commuters. Why fuss with wires after you will listen wirelessly? These square measure trendy enough to enhance any outfit, and if you would like to interrupt into a oral communication, simply connect the housings and music pauses mechanically.

What’s inside Oneplus earbuds ?

When you purchase the OnePlus Bullets Wireless, you’re given 3 pairs of ear and wing tips, a USB-C charging cable, a storage pouch, and also the wireless earbuds.

Build quality

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

Oneplus one wireless headphones Extending from either side of the neckband is associate bullet earbuds sporting associate aluminium alloy housing. Matte silicone polymer ear and wing tips distinction the aluminum’s’ refulgence, that appearance nice however quickly attracts fingerprints. Stress relievers, set just under the housings, don’t look very durable—but have up to now withstood being transported from European country to the u.  s. and regular transport in my backpack.
The auto-play and pause feature works, however the sturdiness of the earbud housings is suspect.
The flat oneplus headphones panel on every earbud is magnetic, and drawing the housings along mechanically pauses your media, whereas separating them begins playback. This works cleanly with my LG G6, however the dubious sturdiness is displeasing. With our review unit, the correct earbud panel dislodged itself. Not solely is that this unpleasant, however it additionally means unless I tape the panel back in, that I did, the car options won’t work.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds

Moving all the way down to the neckband, that bears a hanging likeness to the BeatsX FlexForm cable, associate easy-to-access power button rests on the correct aspect. The neckband feels swish and becomes unnoticeable once worn.

The attractable carrying pouch incorporates a soft-touch feel and appears like associate upscaled version of 1 of these pill pocket cases. though it's distinctive associated is simple to identify in an overcrowded back, it’s onerous to utterly match the bullet earbuds associated neckband in it while not having an earbud protrude bullet tech reviews.

The Bullets Wireless is OK for understanding

Yes, the oneplus earbuds square measure fine for understanding, however they aren’t my 1st selection or one in every of the Techlifeware’ prime 5 physical exertion earbuds. That said, the match is secure and neckband is stiff enough that it remains on the neck throughout horizontal movements like bench-pressing. And whereas I’m not a devotee of neckbuds for running, you'll be able to run in them. it absolutely was even publicized  by oneplus earphones that you just will “take them for a run, however not for a swim!”

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds

It’s odd tho' as a result of, despite this apparent water-resistance, the Bullets Wireless haven't received an officer informatics rating. In fact, OnePlus states that once it involves water-resistance, it “makes no guarantees,” which liquid injury isn’t coated by the pledge. So, exercise with caution.

Battery life Bullet earphones

The oneplus earbuds have a listed battery lifetime of eight hours, however throughout our testing, we tend to found that they lasted simply seven.16 hours once subjected to a continuing pink noise output of 75dB(SPL). Realistically, you won’t listen at such high volumes; within which case, you’ll seemingly return abundant nearer to the eight-hour mark than we tend to did throughout testing.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds

The one plus earbuds have a 255-hour standby time, and ten minutes of charging via the enclosed USB-C cable affords 5 hours of playback.
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One of the most effective options is fast charging. Connecting via USB-C for ten minutes provides 5 hours of playback, an excellent feature for the forgetful and oneplus earphones that’s highlighted on our physical exertion earbuds guide. And if you happen to lose the oneplus wireless headphones to a couch cushion for some days, no worries: they need a 255-hour standby time on a full charge.

Oneplus Headphones Connectivity

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds

The aptX-supported OnePlus Bullets Wireless earbuds operate via Bluetooth four.1, not the foremost recent version however not archaic by any suggests that. Listeners will separate your supply device from the earbuds up to ten meters before experiencing property dropouts, and that i found this to be true except once outdoors. Walking down the road typically spurs Bluetooth sputtering that I otherwise don’t expertise in my housing.

Oneplus Bullet Headphones Mic quality

You can access Google Assistant directly through the integrated mic and remote if you'll be able to twig to register your voice. That’s right, the electro-acoustic transducer extremely struggles to spot my voice once in associate surroundings with any quantity of close noise.

How do the earbuds sound?

Stored in every earbud could be a nine.2 mm dynamic driver shrouded in associate “energy tube,” as OnePlus describes it, that mitigates harmonic distortion. whereas this could sound sort of a bunch of PR mumbo-jumbo, our testing disclosed that the OnePlus Bullets wireless headphones manufacture a amazingly neutral-leaning frequency response. If I wished to extend the bass and improve isolation, reaching for third-party memory foam ear tips did the trick.

Lows and mids

In Still by girl, the intro could be a delicate, drawn-out phase crammed by stringed instrument selecting and Elena Tonra vocals. this {easy|this straightforward} starting makes it easy to listen to Terra’s voice, that remains equally as clear once the drums enter at 0:34. whereas the vocal clarity could be a breath of recent air, some could also be underwhelmed by the lacking bass.


Why Even attempt is that the fifth track in Hippocampus’ third album. loud even with the din of the concomitant guitars and Nathan Stocker’s vocals, the hi-hats square measure straightforward to choose out. in contrast to the Rowkin Ascent Charge+, however, the Bullets Wireless treble replica isn’t overemphasized and may be enjoyed for extended periods of your time.

Should you purchase the OnePlus Bullets?

OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds

If you’re a OnePlus user UN agency needs your earbuds to match your phone, yes, the Bullets Wireless could be a nice selection. Heck, even for general automaton users, the OnePlus remains a solid deal… if you'll be able to notice them. They typically sell out quickly, and at the time of business square measure sold-out out currently. However, if you’re brooding about creating the acquisition and notice them offered, additional power to you.

For simply $69, listeners get a great-sounding try of earbuds that support aptX and USB-C charging. Yes, the carrying case may be additional spacious and also the broken earbud panel is inexcusable given the oneplus wireless headphones’ restricted use, however if you'll be able to overlook those 2 things, you’ll be proud of the earbuds.

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless review: Wireless earbuds
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