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Monoprice True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Headphone Review

Monoprice True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Headphone Review: With the arrival of Monropreys True Wireless Earbuds and JLAB Jbuds Air, we are taking steps in the monoprice wireless earbuds that we do well. Wireless technology actually has designs for chic packaging and booting in the monoprice headphones lake. Monoprice's efforts are showing appreciation alone? Or are the transactions made to keep these earbuds under $ 50 a long time?

What is Monopress's Turu Wireless?

monoprice headphones

  • As budget listeners grow anywhere in the $ 50-series, it serves as a great alternative to real wireless earbuds. If most of you do not, do not get bells and whistles, but we really need earrings to work, and they work.
  • General Consumer Monoprice true wireless earbuds is a good choice for general purpose audience

What's inside

In the charging case nondescript package, three pairs of ear tools, and right monoprice wireless earbuds; This is very bones, but what do you expect from the deal 'EarBud?

How is Monoprice Headphones True Wireless built?

monoprice headphones

Save for pin charging, monoprice wireless earbuds and the case is completely plastic - but the designer still managed to see each piece more sophisticated than the MonoPrice True Wireless Price. Playing a clean, minimal design, the charging case works as a decorative piece for any modern desk space.

IPX 4 earbuds are small and case matte gray. Each erbud panel is a multiple button with a LED indicator embedded in. Pressing the button does not require much power and the beating of the ear is too small to keep listening to them very conveniently.
Small earbuds are comfortable but rubbing hair with the ears will come easily.
This beautiful design is not all tulips and roses, however, the earbuds do not feel secure. Even at the time of sitting, I feel the angled vessels slip through my ear canals and crash the ear beats on the floor. This fact related to this topic does not help with any wing tips to improve adequate stability. If you choose a smaller, elegant look on the safe setting, this is probably not a problem.

The microphone is better than expected

Monoprice True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Headphone Review

Without a slow, integrated Mike, the JLAB juggles appear to be better than the league compared to the Air True Wireless Earbud. Some of the background noise was lauded, but my voice was clearly relieved, I was recording or calling. Remember, however, when you call, the audio is streamed only through the left ear.

Best noise cancelling headphones - Battery life

When we tested the monoprice sonicsolace review in a constant production of 75 DB (SPL), we recorded 2.43 hours of personal battery life. Bose Soundsport Free and Zaber Elite 65t have a chance to reach the playback for up to three hours after you hear a small amount, but there is nothing to write at Battery Life home.

Battery life with one hand, 500mAh charging case provides an extra 15 hours of battery life for the Kanban and it can take two hours to charge through a micro USB cable. In fact, micro USB charging is increasingly old, but now it still works. And at this price, it's all things.

Monoprice bluetooth headphones - Connectivity 

Monoprice True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Headphone Review

Monoprice bluetooth headphones review: With many wireless earbuds, they work through Bluetooth 4.2 and you'll get wireless range up to three meters. Unfortunately, connectivity is not very difficult in the quarter. No matter the source, the humorous listening experience, the result is the audio relay fight from the earbuds easing.
Are you still looking: Read the list of the best bass wireless earbuds
But in a positive note, auto-connected functionality is reliable. I do not have the time to remove the ear in the case and they will not fail to connect to my phone. However, delay has proven to be a continuous problem. These earbuds do not support AAC or APTX, which are clearly visible from approximately two-second audio-visual spaces.

How true wireless earbuds sound?

They can properly understand and you expect the price. Surprisingly, the small spaces are weakening, most importantly, the user has left the desired for the ear. However, the vocal-heavy, verbal music, the Monoprice True Wireless Earbuds frequency response as well as those who prefer to play it.

Low and mids

Monoprice True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Headphone Review

True wireless earbuds in the heads and hearts of the rivers and streets the best noise cancelling headphones, before entering the drum, wait until 1:14 Folsi Ballad. Before that moment, the song is based on guitar with voiced by Josiah Johnson and Charity Thales. I thought the drum wanted to create their voice masks; Instead, the drum is heavily emphasized.

When the piano is 1:45, the kick drum is almost unheard of. This frequency goes against the grains of consumer monoprice sonicsolace review too, many people exaggerate the lower end. He said, monoprice headphones can benefit from the frequency of reducing the reproduction of wireless wireless moderation.


By conjunction with the Tamborin ear beating in particular the hymn synthesis is easily supported by the synth noise occurs back in time, the hit, the song of Wonder is oh supporting. Once the chorus starts at 2:33, it will be difficult to record true wireless earbuds the Tomb Lone hit on the violin background. They can still hear, but there is a deliberate ear to recognize them.

Do you buy Monoprice True Wireless?

Monoprice True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Headphone Review

Monoprice noise cancelling headphones review. Yes, but only when you strongly oppose the massive production of JLAB Jabbed Air. Both products currently have $ 49.99, but Jalebi version includes IP 55 Irbd which is more durable than IPX monoprice headphones 4 earbuds. In addition, jabbeds do not suffer from connectivity issues like monoprice noise cancelling headphones.

That's ultimately the best noise cancelling headphones monoprice earbuds move, a wonderful earrings will be cheerful with cheap ear. You're less than exaggerated like the bottom of the gap if the jews are not standing, cute couple.

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