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Jaybird X3 Review: More polished in almost every way

When you suppose Jaybird x3 review or travail earbuds, you almost certainly think about jaybird x3 headphones. the corporate has various iteration of their X line of earbuds, beginning with the Bluebuds X all the far to the new jaybird x3 headphones X4 earbuds. though the jaybird x3 wireless and jaybird x4 earbuds were simply discharged this year, the jaybird x3 review were the headphones to beat for the higher a part of 2 years. Sure, the newer X4’s mounted some of our biggest complaints (we’ll get additional into that later), however the X3’s ar still a significant challenger that exertion earbuds you ought to purchase if you'll be able to realize them on sale.

What’s within best buy jaybird

Jaybird X3 Review


Opening the box you’ll get the headphones, a handy snapping carrying case with the jaybird x3 wireless headphones brand thereon, a little bag with the wing tips, another little bag with silicone polymer ear tips, and at last one with the memory foam ones. together with that ar little clips to stay the wires in check if you wish them (I didn’t really), a wireless earbuds for running sticker, the jaybird x3 charger cradle, a fast begin guide, associated an instruction brochure jaybird x3 charger.

Build & style jaybird x3 wireless

The X3’s got a brand new makeover compared to the previous X2 model, and it's nice. low budget plastic of the X2’s is replaced with additional cheap plastic, however this one simply appearance and feels method higher. particularly within the black and silver choice that we tend to tried. The earbuds ar undoubtedly slimmer now around, however they’re still fairly large. particularly when adding the new wings and ear tips. On the intense aspect, I had no drawback keeping these in my ears whether or not i used to be sitting at a table or truly going for a run. a pleasant improvement from the Freedoms that came out earlier this year.

Jaybird X3 Review

The wireless earbuds for running also are slightly angulated currently that, once combined with the slimmer housing overall, helps these shoot audio straight down into your ear. We’ll get to the particular sound quality a bit later within the jaybird x3 review, however as so much as match goes these are a winner. The cable is additional or less the identical for higher or worse, however the following biggest modification you’ll realize is with the management module/mic. It’s still set regarding 2 inches below the earbud, however the module on the X3 is currently simply a bit bit larger because of it conjointly currently housing the battery. That said, it isn’t too large or cumbersome. It’s simple to use and conjointly appearance simply a bit additional fashionable.

You may be noticing associate overarching theme here: the x3 review ar far more polished than Jaybirds previous headphones once it involves build and style. The one space that I want they improved on was their sweat proofing, that remains declared as having a sweatproof hydrophobic nano coating instead of associate actual waterproof rating. It’s price mentioning that I had no troubles throughout my testing and if you are doing expertise problems, the jaybird x3 headphones guarantee covers you for a year. The hardshell carrying case conjointly got a change, however I truly just like the new one higher. It still protects the headphones however currently I will stuff it in my pocket if i would like to. not like the last case that was primarily a solid chest of rubber. Again, it’s simply additional polished and sensible.

Jaybird x3 Connection

The X3s currently have Bluetooth four.1, which suggests that you simply will connect 2 of them to the identical supply device if you would like to. you'll be able to conjointly hook up with 2 totally different devices directly, although weird things began to happen once I did. as an example, once being attentive to music on my component whereas connected to my iPad, Siri would appear once I control down the multifunction button within the middle rather than the Google Assistant (2018 sidenote: Man, I miss my original component phone). Of course, I’m not entirely positive however typically this can return up in real-world usage however it absolutely was one thing that I patterned I’d mention if you employ each robot and iOS devices as I do. On another note, lag or latency on these is just about nonexistent. I fixed on all the Casey Neistat vlogs I’ve incomprehensible that could be a terribly entertaining  thanks to take a look at Bluetooth headphones.

What’s a bit additional sensible is however robust the affiliation is to my supply device and here I had only a few problems. The affiliation stayed robust for up to around twenty – twenty five feet, and there was solely delicate skipping once exercise. I counted 3 little stutters in regarding 3 hours of exercise that isn’t unhealthy. Connecting was straightforward and that i got each iOS and robot devices to attach among ten seconds every. That equality between the 2 in operation systems extended to the playback controls moreover. you'll be able to raise or lower volume with the highest and bottom buttons, however you'll be able to conjointly skip between tracks by holding them down for a second or 2 longer. If you would like to access Siri or the Google Assistant merely hold the center button down. sound that very same middle button will pause/play music.
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Then there’s the app. In it, you'll be able to choose between some presets and even customise the sound to your feeling if you don’t like all of them. Once you create (or pick) a planned, it'll be saved to the X3 headphones therefore you’ll get that very same sound profile irrespective of that supply device you’re victimization. On prime of that, it’ll tell you precisely what quantity battery is left that is usually keen.

Jaybird x3 Battery Life

Jaybird x3 best buy wireless earbuds for running claims electric battery lifetime of eight hours with the x3 review, that matches that of the X2. It would’ve been nice to work out them take a breakthrough during this department however i assume battery technology isn’t quite there nonetheless considering however little it has to be to suit in these. That said, jaybird x3 battery life we tend to got a bit beneath eight hours of playback on the average to high volume that remains pretty smart.

Sound Quality

We did all of our listening victimization the “Signature” sound profile within the app that is that the default setting, and everybody is aware of however necessary defaults ar.

Jaybird X3 Review

Lows were a bit too huge sounding for my style throughout average usage, however it’s undoubtedly useful whereas running. generally you wish that additional push to stay you going. however if you don’t agree, you'll be able to perpetually simply modification it via the app. Still, for the default sound profile, it wasn’t unhealthy.

I felt just like the mids lost a touch of their clarity compared to the X2’s. Vocals were force back simply a bit bit and with the kicking bass it created for a reasonably busy mid-range. this is often particularly noticeable within the song Mr. Rager by child Cudi. The snare throughout the chorus seems like it digs into the vocals slightly with each hit.

Highs also are given a small push and it will lean a bit towards harshness although it ne'er quite becomes painful. The intro to very little Wing by Hendrix will are available a bit robust and slightly uncomfortable as he strums the stringed instrument. As I said, it’s not extremely painful however enough to create your ears perk up.

How do they pair jaybird x3 compare to the X4’s?

Jaybird X3 Review

The x3 review ar a solid combine of ‘buds, however one amongst the largest downsides was the lacking of associate IPX rating. Having a sweatproof nano-coating is good and every one, however nothing brings peace of mind like passing the same set of water tests. jaybird x3 wireless headphones mounted that with the new jaybird x3 earbuds and best buy jaybird X4’s that currently have each a sweatproof coating associated an IPX7 rating.

Besides that, there are solely some style parts that are totally different between the jaybird x2 vs x3 review. principally the actual fact that the X4’s look higher place along. jaybird x2 vs x3 ditched the faux metal caps on either earbud that seemed like they were affixed on and instead merely painted the brand, that could be a definite upgrade in my book. Plus, each pairs have round the same battery life maxing out around eight hours of constant playback. As so much as sound goes, the X4 earbuds maintain a really similar sound signature, with associate stressed low finish to assist push you thru your workouts.

Jaybird X3 Review

You can relative atomic mass them via the Jaybird MySound app, however it isn’t visiting drastically modification the method the headphones sound. the intense aspect is that if you like a powerful low finish whereas understanding, each of those pairs of headphones have you ever lined.


While the jaybird x3 best buy ar still an honest combine of ‘buds, the shortage of true water resistance is certainly a negative. If you have already got a combine of X3’s that are still going robust for you, there isn’t a requirement to pay extra money to upgrade to the Jaybird X4’s. you may moreover run your X3’s into the bottom before upgrading. however if you’re debating between the 2, we’d undoubtedly advocate the X4’s thanks to that IPX7 certification unless you'll be able to realize a combine of jaybird x3 best buy for method cheaper than $129.


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