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HyperX Cloud MIX review: Adding Bluetooth to this gaming headset opens possibilities


HyperX Cloud MIX review: Adding Bluetooth to this gaming headphone opens possibilities, but is not any trespasser to making pro-gamer headphones with a history of manufacturing a number of the foremost well-liked accessories around.

Today, the corporate declared its new $199 Hyper Cloud combine headphones, that mix the most effective of laptop recreation with the more and more mobile lifestyles wired or wireless gaming headset.

The non-geeky approach of claiming that's the Cloud combine recreation receiver incorporates a boom mic, wonderful 40mm drivers, however conjointly wired or bluetooth headphones four.2 inbuilt with a pair of 0 hours of battery life to be used together with your favorite portable computer or smartphone. I've spent some days with the Cloud combine headphones and here's what i believe.

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HyperX Cloud MIX Combine Style


The Cloud combine may be a typical trying recreation receiver that does not draw plenty of attention, which may be a decent factor. No flashy crystal rectifier lights, or crazy colours the headphones feature a muted silver brand on the ear cups and appearance top quality. A soft-touch paint was used giving the headphones a svelte, swish feel.

The single-banded frame is made well with material material and metal mounts for the ear cups. The enclosed adorned  cable with in-line volume and mute controls ar typical and matches the general quality expected at this value vary. There are not any meta changes for head size thus those with massive noggins might notice these to be tight.

I did notice some soreness once prolonged usage

Because of the Bluetooth four.2, there are additional buttons on the wireless gaming earphones than usual as well as a volume rocker, power button, small USB port for charging Associate in Nursing an crystal rectifier. The battery is rated for twenty hours of usage per charge, that ought to be long enough for many visits while not having to stress regarding carrying an additional cable, that sadly here is that the dated small USB vogue.


The detachable  boom mike incorporates a nice flex thereto, and also the finish mike incorporates a bulbous wind guard to forestall audio pops. HyperX says the mic is TeamSpeak and Discord Certified. once removed the headphones fall back to a inherent mike for phone calls, recreation and additional.

The headphones use twin chamber technology and ar hopped-up by 40mm drivers that meet Hi-Res Audio necessities and produces sound up to 40 kHz once wired or wireless gaming headset.

Sound: Frequency Response: 10Hz – forty,000Hz
Impedance: forty Ω
Sound Pressure Level: 100dBSPL/mW at 1kHz

Headphone Style: Circumaural; Closed back

Cable: Detachable receiver Cable: one.3m
PC Extension Cable: 2m
USB Charging Cable: zero.5m

Bluetooth: 4.2

Connector: Detachable receiver Cable: three.5mm plug (4 pole)
PC Extension Cable: three.5mm stereo and mic plugs

Driver: 40mm driver with Nd magnets

Volume control: On cable

Microphone Style: Detachable electret condenser versatile boom with Noise-cancelling (50Hz-18,000 Hz)
built-in (Bluetooth)

Weight: 275g (0.61lbs)

Dimensions: 8.07 x 8.58 x 4.49 in

Battery: Up to twenty hours (Bluetooth)

Is HyperX Cloud MIX combine any good?


Audio quality is tight with the Cloud combine, however it will not blow you away. it is a terribly even sound profile that does not push bass an excessive amount of however conjointly has impure or muted highs compared to different headphones during this value vary. I wasn't affected, however it gets the duty done.

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Comfort is OK additionally, however while not a most popular double-band style that alleviates pressure at the bone apex, I did notice some soreness once prolonged usage. the requirement to shift the receiver slightly may be a common flaw with single-band styles, however your comfort level can vary (I'm notably sensitive to such things). The headphones ar lightweight tho' at simply 275 grams. The wireless gaming earphones nicely cowl your ears however {they are|they're} smaller than one thing like HP's new OMEN Mindframe that are additional encompassing.

Wireless gaming headset performance was tight and performed for sure.

For charging the HyperX Cloud combine uses a dated small USB charger. i'd have most popular Type-C to match newest automaton phones and laptop laptops in order that you may use one charger, but alas, you'll have to hold a bequest cable for infrequent charging. the great news is that the battery is rated for twenty hours usage, thus you must be able to keep the wire reception for visits unless you propose to use it completely in wired or bluetooth headphones mode.

Should you purchase HyperX Cloud MIX review combine?


The big point with the HyperX Cloud combine is that the superimposed Bluetooth four.2 radio with an honest sized battery for mobile use. the power to share the identical headphones together with your laptop as your phone or portable computer is a tasty possibility for a few WHO need to stay things easy.

If that ability to use this unbound is simply of delicate interest to you, or not your primary purpose, then I see no reason to shop for the Cloud combine headphones.

The HyperX Cloud combine is simply that: a variety

The overall audio profile of this receiver – despite the flamboyant numbers within the specs higher than – failed to speak to ME. I found the sound rather uninteresting and lacking sonority particularly for $199 Best wireless gaming headset 2018, that makes victimisation these for secondary and tertiary functions like movies and music a pitfall.


The HyperX Cloud MIX design is commendable with swish, skilled look and also the enclosed cables and adaptability is noteworthy, except for long durations, I did get soreness at the highest of my bone best wired headphones.

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I will forgive mediocre audio if the headphones are exceptional in different areas, however the HyperX Cloud combine is simply that: a variety of options that are either terrible, however conjointly nothing extraordinary. If these were $99 headphones, those flaws ar straightforward to overlook, however at $199 it's onerous to like these.
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