Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Google expands real-time translations to all Assistant-optimised headphones

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Google expands real-time translations to all Assistant-optimised headphones

Google expands real-time translations to all Assistant-optimised headphones: Google unveiled its first wireless headphone pixel boots last year with Pixel 2 series. The main highlight of Pixel Bud is that he supported Google-Real-Time Translation, thanks to Optimization, but he worked only with Pixel phones. However, Google has quietly backed all the headphones that support the real-time translation of all Android devices. Tech Giant Pixel Phone also updated pages supported by its pixel buds announced at the end of the specification, and the headset will enable more and more Android devices and accessories to take advantage of the real-time translation feature of the headset.

The Google Pixel Books support page is now available only on Google Pixel Phones in Google Pixel Bund, "Google Translator is available on all supported-optimized headphones and Android phones". "Assistant-real-time translation feature for customizing headphones is a more user friendly and translate and more interactive process, for example, just by simply tapping your local language, you can talk by tapping the right bud, and then translate them according to their settings and the phone's loudspeaker Assist with speaker With the help of reading aloud.

Best wired headphones, Once they answer, the message is re-translated into the first person's original language and the answer to the answer through the pixel blossom.

Google Pixel supports 40 languages ​​along with the Hindi and Tamil languages ​​in the Buddha Language Translation list.

Apple launched the Google Pixel Band to counter airpad and placed it at $ 159 in US (around Rs.11,600). Pixel blossom slot does not have any word to come to India.

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