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How to Connect a Headset to Computer

How to Connect a Headset to Computer: Computer headset is usually one of two types of connectors to connect to the computer: mini plug or USB. The connection works well for the kind of needs you want for the headset.

Note: If you connect the speakers to your computer, the headset will only have sound output on the headset if the headset is connected to a line or headphone connection. To keep the sound output for the headset and speaker, you will need to use a USB headset.

USB headset

How to Connect a Headset to Computer

If the USB cable and port have a USB connector on your headset, then you will go to the unused USB port on your computer (behind a desktop computer or laptop computer or back). Plug the headset USB connector on the USB port. You can identify and configure a headset for your computer use, and display a notification message in the lower right corner when ready.

Tip: If the USB headset does not work properly you can plug a USB microphone at the top of the computer or front of the front door, trying to connect it behind the computer. Under certain circumstances, the computer can only work when connected backwards.

Mini plug headset

Mini plug headsetFirst, locate each headset cable. In some cases, the Mini-plugged coding color can be coded. A green connector headset and microphone connector pink or pink ring connector headset (dialog) indicates the cable (refers to the cable to hear).

Once the cables are detected, find the connection behind your computer. If you have a laptop computer, then the connection will appear in front of the laptop or backwards. It also displays the image of the headset above or above to indicate the type of device. Plug your headset mini plug in the headset / speaker connection and microphone connection on the microphone mini plug.

The right image is an example behind the computer sound card. In this example, headphone cable line out (light green) connection plug and microphone cable microphone (pink) connection plug.

If the right is properly connected, then a notification in the lower right corner of the computer screen message may be the popup that indicates the computer's headset plug in the computer. At this time, your headset must be ready to use.

How to Test the Headset

If you do not know whether headphones or microphones work, you can test every part of the headset by following the steps below.

Test headset headphones

The hearing portion of the headphones or headphones can be tested to open anything that runs the sound. For example, you can open a YouTube video and make sure the sound is sounded in the video.

Headset microphone testing

The microphone part of the headset can open any sound recorder and test your voice by recording.

If the headset does not work?

If you receive an error message when connecting the headset on your computer, the headset needs more software to work properly. If a software comes with your headset, install that software, then try to connect the headset to the computer.

How to Connect a Headset to Computer: Some headsets will not come with software after purchase. However, the manufacturer may have updated the driver software available on their website. See if the drivers are updated to download the manufacturer's website. If drivers are available to download drivers, install them and restart your computer.

Another reason for the error is that the sound card on your computer is currently not compatible with the headset. You can fix this by checking the updated sound card drivers from the manufacturer's website for that sound card. Download and install the latest driver for your sound card, and then check the headset again.
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