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Top 5 Best Over The Range Microwave Review 2019

Best Over The Range Microwave Review 2019

Best Over The Range Microwave Review: Top 5 lists for 2019 with Buying guide

Best over the range convection microwave: It does not matter if you have a kitchenette in a studio or a gourmet kitchen in a large house microwave range hood, there is not enough table space for all of your appliances.

The top best over the range microwave reviews and the Cuisinarts compete for space with waffle iron, rice cookers, and roasting ovens that push pasta makers and espresso machines into drawers or stores. The only place you can put any of them in a realistic way is in the kitchen counter.

Take your time and read the information on the microwave oven buying guide below, then read the list of the top 5 products one by one. Alternatively, click this link to see our table that compares the top 5 best over the range microwave oven comparison table at the bottom of the article.

The Best Over the Range Microwave: gives you flexibility

The only basic device that gives you some flexibility is the microwave oven. It may be difficult to install your microwave oven everywhere, but this simple design of the kitchen can free up a lot of space that can be used in the refrigerator or rack for spices or even for preparing food.

Many microwave ovens come with a set of tools that allow you to move them to a place on the fireplace. Others are designed only for permanent installation. Both provide the same capacity for cooking, reheating, melting, melting and mass, and some are added to the roasted and toasted menu, but those that are elusive have the added benefit of a hood cover for a stove.

The price you will be paying for one of the last units can be a deal or a budget, depending on the features you want. Almost everything costs at least a few hundred dollars, while some may approach or even exceed the level of a thousand dollars. But it will always be a part of your kitchen and will always cost far less than other kitchen accessories like refrigerators, ovens and stoves.

Best Over The Range Microwave - Buying Considerations

When evaluating these micrometers, the Techlifeware review team took into account its functionality, size, ease of installation and performance.

We also see whether their appearance will allow small over the range microwave them to mix with most of the current kitchen decorations. Of course, we evaluate their performance as microwave ovens (quantity of preset adjustments, ease of programming and cooking with sensors are additional factors besides quality of food) The fan comes here).

Best over the range convection microwave models will cost more, but will provide jobs that will be welcomed by chefs who use their oven for more than just reheating pizza or preparing hot pockets.

The maximum comfort in the modern kitchen comes from compact appliances and you will probably find that the best over the range microwave in the group provides the culinary pleasure of a well-equipped kitchen to a whole new level.

This is what Techlifeware found.

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This First .....

Danby Products DMW09A2BSSDB/99LD Microwave Oven

Danby Products DMW09A2BSSDB/99LD Microwave Oven:
Samsung's microwave devices are equipped with advanced technology and are available in three major types depending on their function: convection technology, barbecue, and separate microwave. All models are suitable to satisfy your cooking needs at a reasonable price in India. Get ready to recreate your favorite restaurant dish in the comfort of your home by choosing a budget-friendly dish, matching inside your kitchen, and enjoying the online shopping experience at our online store. In the comfort of your home by choosing a home budget matching indoor kitchen designs and enjoying the online shopping experience at our online store.

1. Question: can this be installed over the range?
Answer: No it can not. It is a counter top microwave.

2. Question: How many watts is this?
Answer: It's 900 watts. 
By Judy Endres on January 26, 2019

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1. Ge Profile pvm9179skss - Over The Range Microwave Oven

Ge Profile pvm9179skss - Over The Range Microwave Oven
In almost all cases, you know what you get when you buy a GE kitchen appliance: a well designed and well built machine will perform well and last for many years. The line of monograms of the company is highly respected, with equal price marks.

But its personal devices are worth more for its more reasonable prices. The ge profile pvm9179skss convection oven is an excellent example.

This GE oven is not huge, but most models outside the range are not, as they are designed to fit standard space on a 30-inch stove.

There are two types of portlets to make the space more useful, and the turntable can be turned off so that very large dishes do not stick to dishes. Side of the oven. 1000 watts is what you expect from most of these microwave devices, but the effectiveness of the sensor system for this oven and the fact that it contains a thermal cooker over many competitors.

The microwave convection oven over the range has 10 optional power levels, works well, and almost with any reverse model reviewed by Tech lifeware. There are not a large selection of presets that you can use (there are some popcorn, drinks, Ge-icing, re-heating and "microwave quick" for 30 seconds), but this is due to the fact that most buttons use control for convection. Cooking characteristics - so let's get to the middle of this versatile machine.

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Convection Oven In this mix, the attractive mix allows you to cook, bake, grilled foods and build almost perfectly. It is not as good as a custom thermal oven, but it is very close. It is fast and adds a great variety to the microwave that many people have on a scale. Microwave and convection functions can be combined without mixing food between ovens.

The above-mentioned humidity sensor function is excellent; it automatically adds or subtracts cooking time, almost ensuring that everything is set up correctly without exaggerating it.

The built-in ventilation hood in this microwave oven is very good, with auto-start function plus three manually select table speeds plus a dual brightness light. Installation is not difficult, but this model does not necessarily fit the old GE finishing kits, so you may have to purchase a new device if the support available does not fit your kitchen.

The oven is available in white, black, Jordan and stainless steel, so there is a model that fits almost any decoration.

There are two aspects of the Techlifeware ge profile pvm9179 that were not crazy. One is that you have to adjust the cooking time or other functions by rotating a disc that moves in increments of 15 seconds, and the other that there is no delay timer for the oven to start work later.

If you can ignore these small problems, Ge profile microwave pvm9179skss offers excellent total value for the quality and functionality it provides.

More About Microwave GE Profile PVM9179SFSS:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Oven capacity: 1.7 cubic feet.
  • Rotating plate: 13.5 inches
  • Energy levels: 10
  • Thermal cooking: Yes
  • Sensor System: Yes
  • Start delay: No
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Size: 30 x 15 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Warranty: one year, limited; five years in magnetron

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2. KitchenAid Microwave kmhc319ess

kitchenaid microwave kmhc319ess
Assume that once you see the name of this product, you said to yourself: "I bet it's expensive." Right you will cost kitchenaid microwave kmhc319ess a penny, but literally the best units available on the market for less than a thousand dollars (check out the latest price on Amazon, because the price may vary).

TechLife WaRE has simply not described it as # 1 in our list of the Top 5 Products of microwave ovens, because they are too expensive. However, for those who have a higher than usual budget, it is our choice.

As with GE, this microwave kitchenaid ksgb900ess 1000 watts and the thermal furnace with a cooking sensor, but has a capacity greater than 1.9 cubic feet (with a large 14 inch disc), and does not just look good, looks great.

This is an elegant stainless steel device that will feel right at home in a modern gourmet kitchen, with chrome glass, satin handles across a realistic but bulky control panel with a digital screen on the bottom of the oven.

KitchenAid kmhc319ess does everything that a profile can do, and more. In addition to traditional time / temperature control, six settings for the microwave and 3 settings for convection, it also contains a steam setting that also works with a sensor, so that you can evaporate the food perfectly. The Techlife ware review team must be honest, and we like this post.

The quality of the microwave is excellent, and the quality of cooking is very similar to what we expect from a custom thermal oven with a perfect function sensing system. Did we mention that we love steam?

There are two speeds of the hood hood, automatic start at cooking start, best buy over the range microwave oven fan timer function and connected halogen lights. Installation may be difficult if you have a different template previously installed above your domain; in this case, you may want to contact a professional. This is the only drawback we can find with kitchenaid kmhc319ess, regardless of the high price.
If you can buy it, Techlifeware strongly recommends it.

Details about Kitchenaid Microwave kmhc319ess:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Oven capacity: 1.9 cubic feet.
  • Rotating plate: 14 inches
  • Energy levels: 10
  • Thermal cooking: Yes
  • Sensor System: Yes
  • Start delay: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Size: 30 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • Warranty: one year, limited (up to ten years in some parts)

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3. LG lmv2031st Microwave Oven

lg over the range microwave lmv2031st
Do not need an elegant LG lmv2031st microwave oven load to check your fireplace? This LG model is what you need. It is a large 14-cubic-inch (14-inch) model with a three-speed exhaust fan and an excellent microwave function at an easy-to-use price.

This is another 1000 watt best buy over the range microwave oven that uses a sensor system to cook, defrost snow, heat, melt and micro energy levels.

However, it is surprising that it still has only five presets (popcorn, baby food, softening / melting, re-heating and melting); we were expecting more in the high-end custom microwave.

Even so, cooking with eight sensors lg microwave lmv2031st, along with custom cooking and regular food selection (with 10 levels of energy) are all you need to prepare the right food you would normally like in the microwave. The food comes savory and is often more savory than most competitors. As in the GE profile, this unit contains a two-tier rack to increase the usable cooking space inside.

The exhaust fan is among the most powerful and quietest fan we have seen. The interior is designed to be cleaned in a moment and is a good looking device. The rack comes with the oven, but we must mention that it is not only a difficult installation device, the manual recommends that you call an installation tool. we too

The Lg microwave lmv2031st is an excellent microwave oven that covers only your kitchen.

Look closely at the powerful lg over the range microwave lmv2031st:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Oven capacity: 2.0 cubic feet.
  • Rotating plate: 14 inches
  • Energy levels: 10
  • Thermal cooking: No
  • Sensor System: Yes
  • Start delay: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Size: 30 x 16 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Warranty: one year limited, 10 years limited in magnetron.

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4. Whirlpool Microwave wmh31017as

whirlpool microwave wmh31017as
This unique model for the spiral whirlpool microwave wmh31017as, we can reduce the level and performance, which may best fit your LG console unit that is above it on our list of top 5 of the microwave oven.

The Whirlpool microwave model wmh31017as is not surprising nor filled with bells and whistles, but what is functional and worth its price. There are 1000 watts of power for cooking in 1.7 cubic feet of oven, ten levels of power and three presets (pizza, potato and popcorn) with de-icing, re-heating and softened / melted buttons.

Other controls and digital time display are probably what most of your microwave was: nothing fancy but work fine. As for the quality of the food is not the best we've seen in the microwave, but it's good.

The fan hood has two less speed than the stoves we have seen so far, and the noise is too high. However, it does not function, unless you plan to burn a lot of things. Those who are willing should not be too much trouble with the installation, provided that a few hours to spare.

The exterior stainless steel is relatively attractive, although the personal objection we had was the size and prominence of the logo vortex on top, we consider that detracts from the overall appearance.

Not bad at all whirlpool microwave, for the price.

Specifications for spiral Whirlpool microwave wmh31017as:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Oven capacity: 1.7 cubic feet.
  • Rotor: 12 inches
  • Energy levels: 10
  • Thermal cooking: No
  • Sensor System: No
  • Start delay: No
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Size: 30 x 17 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Warranty: one year limited.

5. Frigidaire Microwave ffmv164ls - microwave range hood

frigidaire microwave ffmv164ls
Frigidaire microwave ffmv164ls: If we get to the optimal point in terms of price, but we prefer more jobs instead of a bigger oven, the Frigidaire model is one of those models that needs to be considered.

It is only 1.6 cubic feet, best over the range microwave ovens but the multi-stage cooking option allows you to program a full range of cooking and energy times in advance, something that is certainly missing from the least expensive option on our list. (If you need a little more space, you can turn off the turntable to put a 9 x 13 pan in the oven cavity).

Frigidaire microwave is a 1000 watt oven with 10 levels of energy, the usual preset buttons, re-heating and automatic defrosting functions, fast time setting and our favorite advantage: the full programmability that is not normally found in the microwave is installed in this price range.

The microwave range hood is more powerful than Frigidaire ffmv164ls Whirlpool (although it has only two speeds) and installation is easier than most units outside the range. Our only real objection is that the "ready-made" voice is incredibly noisy and annoying, and the oven does not seem to last more than a few years.

This is not a great microwave, but it is easy to use, and it is programmable and food very well.

Facts and Figures of High-End Frigidaire Microwave ffmv164lsa:

  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Oven capacity: 1.6 cubic feet.
  • Rotating plate: 13 inches
  • Energy levels: 10
  • Thermal cooking: No
  • Sensor System: No
  • Start delay: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Size: 30 x 16 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Warranty: one year limited


Panasonic Microwave single function range 22L

Panasonic Microwave single function range


Price: 16,140 yen (1/5)
  • Storage capacity: 22L 
  • Maximum range output: 850W 
  • Inside table: Turntable 
  • automatic menu: ○ 
  • Steam function: × 
  • non-fry cooking: × 
  • super heated steam cooking: ×
  1. Range output is three stages (700 W, 500 W, 150 W)
  2. Because it has steam sensor, rice and side dishes, frozen rice is heated with one touch.
  3. Because it is Hertz free, it can be used anywhere in Japan.
  • This is enough function if you can only cook food.
  • The design looks cheap as it is.
  • The turntable is easy to wash.
  • Warming speed is fast. It gets warmer.
  • If it is a side dish of soup, warming unevenness tends to occur.
  • The door making was bad and it became difficult to open.
  • Automatic menus are hard to use unexpectedly. I can not make detailed settings.
  • Pear unstable which was too warm or heated cold by heating on automatic menu.
  • The ground wire is short, making installation difficult.

Best Microwave convection oven over the range

Use the comparison table to help you determine if there is a specific microwave oven you care about and identify key differences. 

After that, you can choose:
  • Use the Quick Navigation button at the bottom of the table to go directly to the product you want to read more about
  • Use the "Check price on Amazon" button if you know exactly what you want to buy
  • Take your time and read more about the different types of over the range microwave ovens and your extensive purchasing considerations at the top of the article.

How to Install an Over-the-Range Microwave

How to Install an Over-the-Range Microwave
Clear the counter space by installing the microwave on your stove. Learn about the steps you should follow to install a microwave oven.

These ultrasonic  Over The Range Microwave devices are conveniently positioned and perform double functions as ventilation openings. You need a specially designed microwave oven, as well as vent ventilation to bring the exhaust exhaust from the fireplace. The ventilation of the hole is designed on the wall and easier to install when building or re-designing the kitchen. But if you are good at fixing the dry walls, you can install one last kitchen. You also need a hanging cabinet from the microwave. Not only does the cabinet support, but also contain microwaves and may contain part of the ventilation space.

You will need to spend about two hours to hang the microwave from the wall and the cabinet; longer if there is a need for ventilation and wiring. Before starting, switch the range on the road, and install a microwave cabinet.
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