Sunday, 9 September 2018

Google is bringing its Digital Wellbeing tools to Home and Assistant

Google made plenty of noise

Google made plenty of noise When they announced at Google's I / O developer conference in May, Google created a lot of voice about its new digital wining tools, and plans to introduce packages for smart smartphone and smart speakers. .

9to5Google has created some of the most recent version of the Google app, and digital verification soon comes to Google's assistant in the future. There is a new digital well maintained menu entry and you can set limits on the use of technology gadgets - through a similar gadget, Google home.

It is neither in use nor in sight, and Google does not say anything about expanding digital interest to its other products, but such features are necessary to work on all the hardware that Google creates.

Go away from technology Google is bringing its Digital Wellbeing tools

If you've lost a message for digital benefit, how often do you see how to open your phone, and which apps you use, and how many announcements you get every day.
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The specific applications of the daily usage limits set notifications appear or sound during the few times specified, and the wind-down of the new features to activate, which applications access to block and screen gray dynamic, so you're in bed to go to the Netflix series Bingley started by Want to peritonitis.

This is part of the google max release date development of technology companies that helped them use the technique that they created responsibly - coming months after the release of the iOS 12 update called ScreenTime.
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