Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Microsoft Corporation updates Office 365 Home subscription to offer better value

Microsoft Corporation updates Office 365 Home subscription to offer better value

Microsoft Corporation has been suspecting its Office 365 Home Subscription, which increases the number of users that use the subscription, while office 365 devices can be greatly increased.

Microsoft Office 365 Home is a subscription service costing $ 99.99 / £ 79.99 / AU $ 129 per year, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, office 365 student, microsoft outlook Publisher and Access Office utility. For every single user, OneDrive cloud storage space is 1TB, and every skype minute is available around the world every month.

Previously five users were able to use the same subscription, but the new model allows six users to share a subscription while 1DB retains a OneDrive payment and 60 Skype minutes per user at a cost of more than one month.

Unlimited Devices Office 365 Home

An Application Office 365 Home Subscription currently allows you to install devices on unlimited devices, each user can sign on five devices simultaneously.

It is a big increase on the previous offering, allowing it to be installed on just five PCs or Macs, five for tablets and five phones.

Subscription changes follow that Microsoft Office 365 is becoming more attractive, allowing subscribers to install Office applications on five devices simultaneously on a single PC, smartphone and tablet.

This creates the process of expanding the appeal of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, which is a good news for existing subscribers. Changes should be rolled automatically in the coming days.
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Our judgment:

Office 365 is a simple and cost-effective way to access the regular and new features of Desktop Office 2016 with powerful office and office services. Though Microsoft is a few new tools, it is better to make effective improvements on the usual basis and some changes backwards. Smaller companies will appreciate the reliability and simple interface, but there are also powerful options for larger companies  office 365 home.

  • Exchange, SharePoint and many more new features
  • Regular updates for Microsoft Corporation Office 2016 desktop applications
  • Well-known tools work well, new services are already built into the investment
  • Simple and cost-effective projects
  • Some new features such as the Planner are still downwards
  • New features are not immediately reached by all customers
  • Some changes for Office Desktop applications remove features
  • Windows Mobile Office applications are less powerful

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