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Xiaomi Mobile Phone new will force sellers to reduce prices

Xiaomi Mobile Phone new will force sellers to reduce prices

The price is low, but there are many more features that are available - xiaomi bangladesh smartphone that brings a smartphone. Xiaomi Mobile Phone new will force sellers to reduce prices. The Chinese technology company has released it as a brand new brand. xiaomi phone smartphone named Poko F1 Market analysts say other smart phone makers will be facing challenges in the market by releasing such a high quality phone market.

The Poko F1 smartphone has the latest Snapdragon chip, 4,000mAh battery and 8GB of RAM. From the feature, it's around Samsung's flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 9. It will be able to sell it as a flagship phone in the Indian market.

Market analysts say xiaomi india new phone will force other phone makers to reduce their phone prices.Eprothomalo

Mike Loie, review editor for PocketLints website, says that the best Qualcomm processor has been used in the Poko F1 smartphone. But its price is half of the other flagship smartphones in the market.

How does Xiaomi Mobile Phone sell smartphones at such a low price? In this regard, Manou Jain, Managing Director of Xiaomi India, said that xiaomi phone price in bangladesh has less than profit in keeping buyers buyers. Advanced equipment and features cost more. Their marketing costs are low. All of them sell products for a little profit. As a result, the market could sell products at a lower price than others.

Pocket F1 Smartphone's 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage will cost $ 300 and synthetic fiber back panel and 8 GB Ram version Poko F1 will cost 430 dollars.

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The company announced the new phone at an event in Delhi. The new model will compete with the phone, the Vanplas 6 and the Asus Xenon 5Z.

Poko F1 will soon leave the market for more than 50 countries.

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Xiaomi Phone authorities have not yet officially informed about the release of the phone in Bangladesh market.

Yan Fog, a technology analyst with open signal, said that Shawmi is now entering the new market. Talking to different mobile operators. Using Qualcomm's chipset, they are relieved by the different operators.

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Market research firm IDC, according to the data, is currently the fourth largest smartphone maker xiaomi phone in the world. The company has topped the market in India.
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