Friday, 31 August 2018

Qualcomm’s readying your smartphone for a world without a headphone jack

Qualcomm’s readying your smartphone for a world without a headphone jack

Qualcomm has announced a new version of its IPAF 2018's aptX audio platform, which aims to provide the same performance and quality of a wireless connection. Qualcomm’s readying your smartphone for a world without a headphone jack.

The headphone jack is dead as the wireless surge continues to follow our devices - says Qualcomm is a link connector - but there is a good news for audio phrases that do not care about a poor, wireless audio experience.

Aptx Adaptive is the latest version of Wireless Sound technology, and Qualcomm says, providing a strong, high-res and almost slip-free listening experience.

AptX Adaptive has been tuned to promote audio recording for gaming and movies, although it does not focus on music playback.

The current Bluetooth does not resolve idle issues - proves that there is a problem finding gaming or video - a problem with a wireless connection.

What the adaptive upgrade offers is a low wireless experience like a wire that Qualcomm believes is more optimistic for pushing the wire and encouraging the adoption of wireless headphones & Best Smartphones of 2018.

Dynamically changing

AptX Adaptive will change the wireless audio performance depending on the content you are consuming, and it takes music, video or a game - manual adjustment from the equation to troubleshoot.

Qualcomm tells us that the aptX Adaptive "A Snapdragon" that is named in the future, is expected to be Snapdragon 855, which is dipped to begin in early December.

That is, the first smartphones that glorify this new Bluetooth audio technology do not come in the middle of 2019.

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Our judgment:

IPhone X is a sensational-looking iPhone - but it's apparently at great cost and you have to wait to get it. The question marks are on face ID to open the phone, but if your face really gets 'learned' over time, it can work well.

The screen is stunning

New user interface is intuitive
The painting lights perform better


Disorder in Face ID processes
The cost is very high

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