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Honor Note 10 might be a jumbo gaming smartphone | Huawei Honor Note 10

Huawei Honor Note 10

It's here, it's huge the Honor Note 10 tablet is more than a phone. The Galaxy Note 9 is not the only new note we have seen, but in 2018, the Honorable Declaration has been announced as a highlight and Huawei Honor Note 10. Although it is only for China, dignity is often the date of the release of these devices internationally, and the IFA in Berlin. Once in a month with the Tech show, this is a matter of Chinese respect honor note 10 gsmarena international issues.


Honor Note 10 might be a jumbo gaming smartphone

Respect spoke on honor note 10 review for several weeks before its official announcement, and said that Hawans' Jorge Zauo phone was the result of two jobs. The design is interesting, as it integrates the established personality style - the latest look at Huawei, which is designed to look horizontally from the back which was introduced to the P20 Pro - camera lenses like flat rear panel and eye.

The screen has a large 6.95 inches and small bezels on the bottom of the sides, smaller latters and top sections, and notch. The AMOLED screen resolution is a normal 2220 x 1080 pixels, but the HDR10 is ready to see compatible video content. Body glass is made, and advertising pictures are very reflective, while the chassis is aluminum.

It is 85 millimeters and 177 mm long and weighs about 230 grams. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 8 is 162mm long and 75mm wide, and weighs 195 grams. This means that while the borders of being a small tablet rather than a big phone, the screen is easy to handle with the thin ratio. We know more when we get our hands. It comes in black and dignified shades of blue, which we love in Honor 10.


Honor Note 10 might be a jumbo gaming smartphone

China's telephony with a favorable 5000mAh battery post honors China's honor and what's inside the Honor's Note. Real time and hours of application can take up to 30 hours of talk time. Battery charging fast; But it expects to raise a cell that is capable of taking two more hours.

The poster talked about the special cooling technique for the device to run naturally, making it a liquid cooled tube and extracting the eight layers of the phone. Along with all this Kirin 970 processor, more can be found in honor 10 and RAM or 8GB RAM or the Hawaiian P20 Pro. 64GB or 128GB of internal storage space available.

The dual lens camera with 24-megapixels and 16-megapixels is on the backside, both with a f / 1.8 hole, 13 megapixel, F / 2.0 slot camera, and 942 chip power of the main Hawaiian kernel. The visual identity and other artificial intelligence features on the other Kira 970 phones are also available in Honor Note 10.

GPU turbo mode of respect for mobile games by offering a boost of performance, emulated above Google's Android 8.1 in the EMUI 8.2 user interface. It combined with another new extension called the CPU Turbo that works with the double turbo. It is not clear what this means, or replaces the phone's performance; But we know that using a physical button to perform a double turbo in Honor Note 10.


Currently available in pre-order in China, the phone will be posted at the end of August. This will cost between $ 410 and $ 530 depending on the specification, after changing the local prices. Honor held a press conference on August 30, where we expect to be announced for international sales at the IFA Tech show. Name can vary, and international prices vary.
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Rolls Royce

Before the announcement of the Honor Note 10, rumors spread that the Honor Brand did not make any other contract other than the luxury car brand Rolls Royce to release a special stamp version of Note 10. A leaked picture with a specs, and the Rolls-Royce logo fingerprint sensor and dual camera lenses.

Honor Note 10 might be a jumbo gaming smartphone

Rolls-Royce is very safer to see its name behind any phone, and it's pretty surprising to see its name behind any phone, which is usually the most secure of its brand, and we usually have no skateboarders, BMX cyclists, and sales, which is "Brave." Rolls-Royce phone, it should be, Honor 10 in China The output was not disclosed. It may still come on a later date, or nothing more than speculation.

Honor Note 10 Tailor 

Huawei Honor NOTE 8

Updated July 31, Updated to show all the official Honor Note 10 details.
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