Friday, 13 July 2018

Top Twitter users lose 2% of followers on average as policy changes

Top Twitter users lose 2% of followers on average as policy changes

On Thursday, social media data company Key Hole says that changing Twitter's policy is to increase service credibility, why Top Twitter users lose 2% of followers on average as policy changes, with its 100 popular users spending 2 per cent of their supporters an average.
Thinking that Twitter is no longer tracking any account locked due to suspicious fraud, who unfollowed me on twitter, chief executive Jack Dorsey was released on Thursday. Locked accounts have already left Twitter's daily and monthly active user statistics.

Accounts are locked when Twitter detects abnormal behavior, such as performance after months of tweeter.

The new policy may be substantial for some Twitter users because the popular vendors known as negotiators are negotiating negotiations with leading retailers and advertisers. For follow-up users, follow-up numbers are great.

While changes were in effect, Twitter's "@Twitter" account lost 12.4 percent of its supporters compared to Wednesday, according to Keeler data, the first 100 of the backward ones have fallen sharply.

The tech manager Elon Musk saw a slight decline, 0.3 percent or 71,000 followers. The average downturn in the top 100 was 734,000 followers. Twitter is expected to be the fourth dropout in its service level average fall.

Twitter has refused to provide additional data. Key Hole focuses special attention on the importance of capturing data from Twitter and Instagram and selling business reports for trading.

Pop artist Katie Perry, whose account is over, who unfollowed me on twitter lost over 2.8 million followers on Thursday, a 2.6 percent fall from the previous day. More than 100 musicians, including Pink, Maria Carey, Britney Spears and Eminem, have fallen by more than 3 percent.

Financial analysts have hailed Twitter's attempts to prevent misuse, saying it would pay more for long-term use.
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