Thursday, 19 July 2018

The 20 year journey ends in Yahoo Messenger | Yahoo Messenger shuts down

The 20 year journey ends in Yahoo Messenger | Yahoo Messenger shuts down

This year's date of July 17 is a day of memorials for many. Because, it was closed yesterday by Yahoo Messenger. Recently, many of the popular 'chatting' services were associated with memories. Their memories are Twitter, Whatsapp tells many. Yahoo! authorities said that they have shut down Yahoo Messenger on July 17 officially. The 20 year journey ends in Yahoo Messenger. Many of the memories of using Yahoo Messenger are highlighting in today's popular social networking media.

Yahoo Messenger service started in 1998. Messengers at that time became popular with teenager youth quickly. Many people enjoyed talking about group or group size chat rooms.

However, Yahoo! Messenger did not get popular with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat in the era of today.

It was under the latest US Telecom service provider Verizon Oath Company. They say that now those who have chat history in Yahoo, have the opportunity to download it for six months. Then Yahoo Messenger and will not be on the web.

Yahoo Messenger's blog post said, "The great journey was Yahoo Messenger. On the 20-year journey, the service has enjoyed billions of people. It has changed the lives of millions of people. Millions of people sent letters, sent photos.

In another statement, Yahoo! authorities said they are creating another messaging app, named Squirell. It can be used as a substitute for Yahoo Messenger.

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