Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Camon X Pro camera review | Tecno Best Camera Phone

Camon X Pro camera review  Tecno Best Camera Phone

The best photo at that time was the best Camon X Pro camera review, and nobody mentioned that name. That was true when I arrived in the narrow crowded streets that were largely the site of the Holy Roman Empire from the early middle aged 300 years ago to the medieval age. The best version of Tecno Mobile's new smartphone Techno Mobile Smartphone in the Kenya market is the Tequino Comune X Pro, a tour guide (I download and save My Maps there) my only camera.

My trip to Rome is certainly not the only time to put Camon X Pro cameras even if I set up a huge chunk of photographs I've taken thanks to the big camera appeal of the Eternal City, as the World is known as ROM.

I have a Tecno Camon X Pro with me for more than a month and it is a practice of self-examination every day, which spun the life of others, not just the camera, but the other aspects of a smartphone. Not particularly the camera.

The Tecno Camon X Pro has a 24 megapixel "clear" selfie camera and 16 megapixel equilibrium on the back. The front-facing shooter consists of a dual-LED flash, with a ring-flash system on the back. Since the launch can be certified by following the Cayman X Pro, anyone can disappear from the device's marketing, television, billboards and other places even disappear offline: Hey Swanspong. That dual camera cross.

Based on the "I" features, such as artificial intelligence and dual cameras, how does Tecno Camon X Pro lower for their competition? As for the benefit of last month, there is no answer. The Tecno Camon X Pro camera still manages to have its cases when it really shines and leaves other users listening when it comes to a little short.
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Most of the shots I would like to take advantage of the device would like to clarify. When there is light, it arises and is presented to the event. My concentration in films is within my mind. The device actually goes on the way to the blue sky, which is not actually blue, it looks like the other devices I've used in the past, there is no way to change this way. Exaggerated color and live on it. That means when you finally have what broadcasts you'd be up to Instagram, that's a little need for those serious filters.

Camon X Pro camera review  Tecno Best Camera Phone

Techno Mobile has opened the smartphone of two models of Cam X and Camon X Pro recently. Meanwhile, the camera feature has brought importance to the Tekno Cam X Pro model. It has 24 megapixels in front and 16 megapixel camera behind.

The smartphone has 6-inch full HD plus infiniti display, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory. MediaTek Helio Chipset and Android Oro 8.1 version, the 2.5-D Curved Glass with the full HD Plus display of the Cam Pro X smartphone has been used.

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Techno authorities have said that 24 megapixel front and 16 megapixel cameras have been used in image deflection, which will make the picture more clear. In order to take a bright light in low light, the rear camera has a quad LED flash and a dual LED flash light in the Selfi cameras. It has dual image processing technology, which makes fast images. Camera memory color function has been updated to up to 20 percent for reducing dark state to take pictures, which helps capture better pictures while capturing natural colors in capturing. It has artificial beautification, Portrait Boekeh mode. Four-in-one imaging technology has been used in the camera, so that the two cameras work together while photographing four pixels of the device. The picture is clear in it.

Can not separate battery of Cam X Pro smartphone Battery 3 thousand 750 ml ampere Android OS Android customizable operating system HiOS 3.3 has been used. This includes Face ID technology. Its bangladeshi price is 22,990 taka.
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