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Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth speaker review - light show the water

Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth speaker review - light show the water

Today Share Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth speaker review. xb41 sony and sony xb 41 release date this share today. sony xb 41 vs xb4 full digin perfomance now cheak article. srs xb41 price very nice and sony xb 40 Much better than. I will share the following articles with these reviews sony xb21, srs xb21, srs xb31, megablast review, xb31.

For form factors, the Bluetooth speaker has not changed much in these days. At this point, manufacturers do not know what to do with people (a fun feature, big sound and a big battery) and do not want to fix what appears to be a good formula.

With that in mind, we have no problem whatsoever what SRS-XB41 can do more or less Bluetooth. It's big. It's powerful. It's more bass than you trust. And its battery will last a whole day and can even charge your phone or tabletand sony xb 41 vs xb4.

Our Word

You're definitely not picking up the Sony SRS-XB41 - you have one day off on the beach - the other smaller range of speakers on the market are Sony's $ 249.99 and the lowest price is the best price. (About £ 185 / AU $ 320).

  • Strong build quality
  • Water is irreplaceable
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Light show sync issues
  • Reduced meats, big bass
  • Live Mode Details
When the speaker takes up each box, the speakers are ineffective in a well-designed area: rearrange the sounds. cheak srs xb41 price.
Unfortunately, what does it mean, if you're not stubborn about the bass-heavy sound and if it does not care that everything will come at the expense of Sony's latest speaker is not the small music box.

XB41 (right) is one of the three speakers announced by Sony in Sony.


Ignoring a second sound quality, the Sony SRS-XB41 is actually well built. So, exceptionally so.

X 1/4 "(291 mm x 104 mm x 105 mm) X 4 1/8 and 3 lp 5 ounces (1500 g) is the largest side of the 11 1/2 weight, but its size and weight is a kind of XB41 The framework that gives you comfort is convenient to take you out of the beach or out without you breaking.

To that end, you have the dust on both the XB41, behind its all-mesh grille- and water resistant (IP67-certified). This means that the speaker has to extend a certain depth and time limit - to save up to 1 meter (or 3 feet) freshwater water.

If the speaker complains, the speaker will play music at any time, while the speaker's lights resemble a scene.

There are many color colored LEDs around its ring. Despite the cooling factor of a speaker in D-blinking, we had a problem lamp was not always flash at the time of music. A clay accident occurs, and after a half-second, the lights will germinate, which makes it feel less than the epic integrated lights captured in our generation.

That said, Sony should let you add your own footage and sound effects through a new feature called Party Mode. For three seconds, press the buttons on the speaker and press Volume Up. Wait for the power button to light up, now you can close the back of the speaker to create hours, dings and synth peets at music time.

Party Mode is one of the best features we have never seen on a Bluetooth speaker, but it is not very harmful and we do not expect to expect you to use it more often.

Speaking of buttons, you can see the bulk of the control over the speaker. Here you can find a power, volume up / down and play / pause buttons and the controversial live mode button that contains the most of the performance segment. The spokesperson will open a rubber fold on the rear and the speaker will be added to a 5v wall battery pack.


The design is clear - apparent wiring and control buttons can not be so fun to use a speaker built out of a cardboard box that does not access - but audio performance.

While the former is one of our favorite aspects of the XB41, the latter is not sure. For that reason, and that sound, at a point, keep in mind the subjective, and this thing was actually the bass rocks. This is just like the bass throwing on everything. For that end, the reduced meats and low-dimming max were hard to hear, but the mixture was almost absolutely not. Bass, with its strong velocity, has not thrown out the tonal balance altogether.

Here we are generally part of the assertion that EDM or home fans may get great pleasure in the bass-heavy sound - but honestly, feeling like a bit of a stretch. The bass makes everything sound muddy.

Audio performance is not very bad, your music is foreign or completely misunderstood, but the bass pump does not come as a result of any other sound. (If you feel as a musician, you can throw it in live mode - an echo - a system that attempts to provide a concert-like experience - you actually struggle to hear any details.)

To make matters worse, the quality of the mic is low because there is no block-free software that runs in the background, when an ad comes on, the music asks for a sound capability to sound next to the music. The change is startling to say the least, and keep your hand in your best defense or, if you can, avoid the ads altogether.

If there is some silver lining here in terms of performance, it is a great battery pack inside of the Sony SRS-XB41, according to Sony estimates it puts the background 24 hours. Negotiations are complete without any indication that the battery is over - a strong identifier for us who can never forget our gadgets.

Final judgment

Sony SRS-XB41 works for a particular kind of music listener - no need to worry about any sound or two speakers stop flipping the side.

If you have it, there is no shame in it - Sony offers a well-built, long-range Bluetooth player service, and opposes the best competitors in the industry's business.
But if you want something that's good - you do not mind sacrificing some of the extra party attention features there - there are plenty of other waterproof Bluetooth speakers waiting to be fished off the shelf.

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