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Samsung Galaxy Note Nine leaked before release

Galaxy Note Nine leaked before release

Samsung's new flagship note nine coming in the market on August 9 The price of the device was leaked online before the Samsung Galaxy Note Nine leaked before release date, price, news and leaks. Next Update samsung note 10 new look.

The value of the Galaxy Note 9 is known from a website in Poland. The website claims that Samsung Galaxy Note will cost more than 80 thousand rupees. The best samsung note 8 pre order any people .

Note 9 will begin pre-order from 9th August. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date will start selling the phone from August 24.

A poster of the company's launch event on 9 August has been leaked on Twitter. The Galaxy Note Nine written on this poster has been given as "new super power flower note".

In this poster a blue samsung galaxy note Nine shows a golden s pen in the picture. With blue color the phone will also be released in brown color.

In this leaked poster, there is a separate slot for Samsung Galaxy Note Nine AS Pen. There will also be microphone, speaker, USB Touch C port and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The display of the phone has a 2.5 de-curved glass on the top. The Galaxy Note Nine will have Dual Rear Camera, LED Flush and Heart Rate Sensor. The fingerprint sensor is used below its dual camera.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date August 9, note 10 relaese very nice look for smartphone. after a call was sent out to Samsung on June 27th. Opening 1100 EST (8am PST, 4pm BST) will take place in Brooklyn, New York.

It is the next big Android smartphone release, which will come here next month. It means the new Galaxy Note Quad comes preceding the previous years - we will be used in late August to announce.

New reference devices are always big news because it is the Android phone on a large screen, the HN ben and the pile of power, the rumors about a screen-fingerprint sensor may be preemptive, especially due to previous arrivals.

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UPDATE: A picture showing the seemingly official marketing of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gives us a close look at the S-Pen and bottom edge, and it is joined by a new presentation that shows before Samsung Galaxy Note opportunity 9 and samsung note 8 pre order .

Instead, we have the Bixby 2.0 and an upgraded dual lens camera, probably HDR video recording left out of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus one, but the latest LG and Sony phones are likely to see a feature inspired by.

We're sorting through rumors and leaks (there are a lot more), and we believe that our trustworthy S Pen stylus has come out is plausible, and this is just an idea.

It looks like SM-N960F / DS releases the framework for supporting a device with the ID of the DS and Note 9 - Samsung seems to have been a little enthusiastic in Finland, Norway, France and Denmark.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 OFFICIAL & First Hands On LEAK | Note 9 full review

So far we know about Samsung's extra large android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date

It's official: Thursday, August 9 Samsung unveiled announcement
The previous release date was anticipated: the earlier release was in late August

You can get your hands on the Galaxy Note 9 than expected soon, as Samsung's Unpacked launch event will be in early August.

Thursday, August 9 Official Galaxy Note 9 release date, with announcement in Brooklyn, New York City. To put it forward, last year's Note 8 phone event was on August 23rd.

According to the investor, the note, 9 notes, should be named 'crown' and reports suggest that a model is ready in the first quarter of 2018.

Samsung was said to be testing for Fermer's phone before the note, which had eight software for about two weeks before. Remember, S9 software has been tested earlier than the previous S8, even before the start samsung note 10 .

While the phone is actually going on sale, we are now looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date in late August, after the opening of the launch order, or after a while. However, we have not heard of any of these rumors.

Why is the previous release date?

Samsung Note 9 attracts enough attention to meet iPhone X2 and iPhone 9, Apple's launch phones in September.

Of course, the Note series has always been announced first, but in time the phones actually hit stores, Apple already has a fever-pitch on the iPod surrounding new iPhones.

That's because we have a number that gives us a look on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 earlier. In the first month of August or early September, you must get its first customer from its latest customer.

Great phone, small design change

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have to get some great updates over the Galaxy Note 8, but so far the design is going to be expected it will not expect much change from the phablet.

In fact, a leaked render in front of the phone indicates that there are not any changes in all that apply to all buttons, sensors and reference 8.

A phone that focuses on the bottom edge of the phone that appears as official marketing for the handset is more or less identical to Note 8 than the USB-C port, headphone jack and S pen slot. And perfect.

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This film is a feature that has a prototype, although it has shown a striking new yellow color of S Pen.

Previously connected all the leaks, especially based on some factory CAD (computer-based design), you can see below, and
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