Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus full review 2019

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus full review 2019

In a market with a hardware-centered decision to purchase a memory smartphone Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus full review, Samsung still believes that paper notes A Samsung 6 edge.

Samsung a6 prices pends RND around $ 50 USD $ 60 billion worldwide every year. Good options and settings are in the game. Funding is the best way to learn user behavior and personalize their phones.
Recently with A6 in India, Galaxy A6 Plus is released. The phone is intended to be more than a thousand years in multimedia and social media. Supports a nice display, camera, latest apps and features.

I have Galaxy A6 Plus, which has been treated to me so far. But I got Rs. If you answer the question if you take 25,990, I have to take some more time to answer that.

Still, seeing the toughest competition now, I can safely say that it's slightly above average.

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus is available and priced

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus Rs. Priced at 25,990. Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 Plus are available from Amazon on 22nd. Offline, Phones All are Samsung and its partner stores avialable.

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus availability and price
A thin metal design makes it easier to use.



Dimensions: 160.2 x 75.7 x 7.9 mm
OS: Android 8
Screen Size: 6.0 inches
Resolution: 1080 x 2220 pixels
CPU: Snap Dragon 450
Storage: 64 GB
Battery: 3,500mAh
Rear camera: 16MP + 5MP
Front Camera: 24MP

The biggest change introduced in the Galaxy A-series at this time is an 'infinity display' with an 18.5: 9 ratio. It covers the front. This means removing the home button, extra bezels from the top and bottom, and a short but tall display. It's similar to what's already seen on the powerful Galaxy A8 Plus.

Surprisingly, Samsung Glass is used in metal for space. Glass adds a high class to undoubted design, but the metal has its own advantages. It is very long and does not like fingerprints like glass.

Flush back, finish quality premium and rounded on the sides and corners of it. As I discovered a new method to fit the Samsung Antenna Pants, I'm saying a football field design. Two bands form a shape similar to each end. Plus, Samsung can have standard soda tab style samsung 6 edge camera module with two lenses and fingerprint sensor.

On the left, there is nothing on the phone, on the left, it is convenient for volume keys and SIM cards and two separate places for micro SD cards. The power and lock key is on the right, a clever loudspeaker grill does not skull when holding the phone in the ground.

Micro USB port is dated
Micro USB port is dated
Do not look at the bottom of the phone, it may mix you. Rs. It's hard to understand why a Microsoft port is on the 25,990 phone. Such small components make a big difference. It is reasonable to expect a USB type-C port on a phone of this price, and Samsung needs to do something about it.

Always extra points in score on the visual aspects
Always extra points in score on the visual aspects


In trend 18: 9, and among the first ones to adapt to the transition, Samsung did it with Galaxy A6 Plus. But in this case, it's 18.5: 9 as other Galaxy smartphones.

The display is a full HD + resolution and unsuspecting phone special. It's bright, fast and smooth. Samsung AMOLED panels are always impressed, and it ensures that a league has a great screen.

Works fine with Samsung's proprietary UI Android 8.0
Works fine with Samsung's proprietary UI Android 8.0

Performance and Software

Although the phone entry level Snapdragon 450 chipset game, we could not find the Galaxy A6 Plus so far as we struggled up. To be honest, we did not put too much pressure on the phone.

The chipset is found in Xiaomi Redmi 5, which starts at Rs. 8,999, which is good for a phone at that price. Need a little more time to give a word for 25 rupees.

The Galaxy A6 Plus runs with the company's custom UI on Android OS 8.0 operating system. We want to say that Samsung is improving their software to make it look beautiful, changes and optimization. It is very clean and easy to use.

There are some of the India-centered features that Samsung has been shot at at this time. One of the first and most interesting is the 'Chat over video' that allows users to respond to the text in WhatsApp and Messages app as they do not interrupt the video. The Facebook messenger like the circular popup looks or pulls around the screen. Below the chat below shows the downside and keyboard that does not block the video in the background. Now, there are some selecting apps that are supported with this feature, but Samsung will be added in the future in galaxy s6.

In addition, it also has advanced memory management that automatically manages to move, which moves media from messenger apps to Microsoft, eliminates unused files and unused APKs to store space.

So, software-wise, it is full of capabilities. Bixby became the A-Series phone, but it is now neither too much nor less.

Soda can tab style camera module for the dual lenses.

The soda double lens can have a tab-style camera block.


There is a dual camera system with a 16MP primary and 5MP secondary sensor. Before, there is a whopping 24MP sensor.

The day light on the quick a samsung galaxy 6 plus shots I clicked was very much assured. In particular, the front camera displays are really appreciated. Images are well defined by the details and the colored colors.

A sure thing about the phone can now be confirmed, self-lovers can find it interesting.

Note - Galaxy A6 Plus camera's deep test will be thoroughly studied.

Camera usage is very honest. It has some useful features, such as expanding and narrowing focus on the focus / profile of the Gulf, Stickers, Pogue, PixSpy View and more.

Early judgment

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus is quite well-structured and intended for users who are looking for a reliable multimedia phone. The front camera was able to attract and visualize us in minutes.

This phone is like a bargain that includes the purchase quality and size in a samsung a6 price. But is it worth more than most buck? Let's find the full review.

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