Thursday, 26 July 2018

huawei smartphone brings a new to the Nova series

Huawei brings a new smartphone to the Nova series

huawei smartphone, a Chinese technology manufacturer, has launched a new smartphone in the series after Nov. 3. The Huawei authorities have not yet announced the price of the new smartphone. In a notification, Huawei said, four smartphones with artificial intelligence and new model processors will be on the new smartphone. Flat HD Plus resolution on the undisclosed smartphone has a 2.5-inch curved or bent IPS Huawei Full View display in 6.3 inch.

Huawei authorities say Huawei has its own hyacilicon kerine 710 chipset in the new smartphone. Its artificial growth technology will have a great effect on the use of handsets. Face-to-face technology and fingerprint sensors are used to ensure better security, which can detect user fingerprints in the 360 ​​degree angle. The latest version of Android OS will be used as operating system (8.1). Apart from this, Huawei's own customized user interface will use the EMUI version 8.2.

According to the Huawei Consumer Business Group (Bangladesh), the new smartphone of the Nova series will soon come to the market in the country. It's not worth the price yet.

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