Thursday, 26 July 2018

Google Grammar is not wrong

Google Grammar is not wrong

Google Grammar is not wrong spelling of smart devices has automatic correction technology. But grammar mistakes are not always corrected. Google has introduced a new technology to automatically define grammatical errors.

The Google Docs has the advantage of correcting Grammar Written Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google announces new facility on Google Cloud Next conference on Tuesday

Google DOCS has not yet had its own grammar verification facility. It will fill that deficit. If there is a grammatical mistake in writing Google Doc, this technology will show up immediately. The complex error of grammar will also be used in the use of Ai. Ai and machine learning technology used in Google translation service will be used. In a blog post, Google said that, following the simple rules of grammar, our AI can make various modifications. But we can catch even more complex grammatical mistakes. This technology will learn new grammar through machine learning.

Primarily this facility will not be available free of charge. Those who own Google docs, they will get the benefit. Google's technology is not the first to improve grammar Microsoft Word and Apple pages have the same technology. However there is limited use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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