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Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

The dslr camera lens is the most important part of the camera, I sahre, Today How to Clean Your Camera Lens. which helps to achieve clean sharp images, and takes great care to protect the glass from the weather and other clothes and tears. Dirty glass material, bad image quality and the perfect methods that you should follow to clean your dslr lens without any damage to its glasses and other accessories.

The daily cleaning of the other ingredients you use to clean your lenses is not your usual day, and there are various things that you should follow and avoid while cleaning the lenses.

Remember, when you clean your glass, the lens will not be damaged when cleaning the glass, spending more time and money in the lens. Do not forget to use the lens hood and lens cap to avoid damaging dust, dirt and other accidents.

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

Note: If you come out of the sand, especially on the shore or sand hills or sand sand-sand (eg dust storm) you have to be careful to clean the lens, use it back and carefully use a soft brush on the edges.

Clean your lens only if needed: The lens glass is not an ordinary glass, but it comes with enhanced coatings, which helps to lighten the sensor (avoid reflections) and avoid ghosts and unwanted burns. Clean up your lenses repeatedly and cause damage to these coatings - clean the glass only when needed. Try to avoid touching the lens to avoid fingerprints and other fat brushes in the lens and cling to the dust.

In areas where it should be softened, there are elements that have a serious impact on the quality of any dust or smudges image. If well handled, dust and sleeping columns can be avoided altogether.

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Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

Depending on the type and size dirt, here are some of the safest ways that you can follow to clean your lens.

1. Dust or Brush Dust: As far as possible, use a blower or brush with soft hedgehogs (recommended by camel hair brushes) to remove dust from the lens. You can cling to the knees if you touch the brush in your hands or hands. Lens off the lens and stimulate the lens before stimulating the lens.

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

2. When using a lens cleaning solution, use the lens cleaning solution in the softening lens cleaning tissue and remove the fingerprints due to sweat or oil or clean the glass to clean the skin. Be careful to eliminate any dust before using blowers or soft-bristled brushes, since it may lead to scratches on the front element while napping the directions.

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

3. Microfrost pools are small to find and smoother: The most popular cleaning particles are microfiber cloths that are used to clean greasy pcs and fingerprints. When using these clothes, it is necessary to ensure that the powder is used free of charge, which can cause scratches on many use and glasses and the dust will be affected if the dust is cleaned. Depending on the dirty types you want to remove, you can use the lens cleaning solution or not. Storing them in plastic bags and dusting in the microphone is dusted.

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

4. Use cotton swipes for the crews: To clean the growth of the lens's body, the canon lens can be used with cotton cloth in a compression solution. As much as possible, use cleaning solutions recommended by canon ef lens manufacturers, which are safe with optical coatings. If possible, look at an experienced camera store.

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

5. Working in concentration circles: When cleaning around the lenses, working in a separate circle that starts from the center, helps to avoid interruptions across the lenses.

6. Your UV filter can handle all damage: Your lens can protect your good quality UV filter from scratches, dust, dirt and accidental breakage in the lens. If the lens canon instead of cleaning the filter and you happen like scratches or coating damage, you can substitute a much cheaper price filter than the lens.

Bite Size Tips: How to Clean Your Camera Lens

If you are too tense about cleaning up your lens's main areas, leave it for good and be peaceable.

Some flaws protect your lens:

  1. Do not use your mouth to get rid of dirt and saliva from your mouth in the dslr camera lens.
  2. Do not use facial wipes as your lens, scratch and / or smudges still have moisturizer and other abrasions that can damage the finish.
  3. Do not clean the lens. If dust or two dust, it will not destroy quality, but keep your camera bag. Keep the dust and dirty lenses. So do not collect the lens. The reason is that once again the cleaning can damage any coating and create scratches on the glass.
  4. Do not use your cotton shirt to clean your lens nikon lens and will not be recommended again, and again you may have dust and other remnants that can damage or dirty your shirt lens.
  5. Ensure that the lens does not have a lens compression solution inside the lens in the body, the lens can enter the body and cause damage there for a long time.
  6. Do not give too much pressure when cleaning the tissues - a soft wipe is enough.
  7. When using microfibre fabrics, do not use the same cloth for glass and body Do not damage your lens coating of dust from the fabric sticking the body. Also, do not wash cloth soft micro fiber cloth as they leave the mirror to the chemicals they leave.
  8. Do not use toothbrushes (although soft thorns) may be recommended as some are recommended for damaging damage to the lens.
  9. If you have lens errors, do not use anything to clean dslr camera lens connections, no solutions or other cleaning presses can cause severe damage to the important metal, but leave them alone and use the soft brush or function.

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Do you have any mention of taking care of the lens? If so, please share them in the comments section below.

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