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How to Turn Off and Stop Family Sharing

How to Turn Off and Stop Family Sharing

Family Sharing helps their family members to share their iTunes and App Store and enjoy each other. If you have an entire house of iPhone users, it's a terrific tool. Even better, you have to pay only once!

You do not want to use family sharing forever. In fact, you can decide whether you should return home all over again. The only person who can turn off family sharing is the name of the person who sets the partitions for your family. If you're not an organizer, the feature can not be disabled; You should ask the organizer to do that.

How to turn off family sharing

If you want to turn off organizer and family sharing, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Settings app
  2. Tap your name and photo at the top of the screen
  3. Tap the family partition
  4. Tap your name
  5. Tap Stop Family Sharing button.

In addition, family sharing has been disabled. No one in your family can share their content until you have the feature back (or set a new family part in the new setup steps).

What's up to the shared content?

If your family once used family partitions, the feature has now switched off, what happens to your family's products that are shared with each other? The answer consists of two parts, depending on where and when it came from.

Protected by any digital rights management (DRM) purchased at the ITunes Store or the App Store. DRM prevents your content that you can use and share (usually to prevent accredited copy or piracy). This means anything to share with family sharing. That content has come from you and from you.

Though that content is no longer available, it has not been deleted. In fact, all the contents from the share are listed on your device. You need to buy it again using your personal Apple ID.

If you have made any application-based applications in applications, you do not lose that purchase. Simply download or purchase the app, you can retrieve the app purchases that are not in use.

When you can not stop family sharing

Stopping family partitions usually go straight forward. However, in a situation you can not simply change it: If your family part is a child under the age of 13. Apple does not allow you to remove young children from a family-sharing group that you want to remove from other users.

If you are trapped in this situation, there is one way (except for that child's thirteenth birthday waiting). This article explains how to remove children under the age of 13 from family sharing. Once you have done that, you can turn off family sharing.
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