Tuesday, 5 June 2018

How to Create a Design Your Own Website

How to Create a Design Your Own Website

Design a website takes a lot of work, but it gives you a lot of flexibility that Facebook and blogs are not. By designing your own website, you can look how you want and reveal your own personality. But remember how to create a good looking website will take time. HTML Planning is More Important than .

Where to start when designing your own website

Several tutorials tell you that your web pages are the first place to start with web hosting or other places. When this is an important step, you do not have to do it first. In fact, many people put the site on a host, the design is the last thing they do once the pattern they wish.

If you're planning to design a new website from Scratch, the first thing you have to do is determine what teacher you should use. While some stay in price, there are a lot of different free teachers, so it's a good idea to think about what you want from a teacher. Think about things:
  • Do you want to know HTML or know it already? A WYSIWYG editor may be an excellent solution when a text editor can be very flexible for some people, if you do not know HTML. You can design a wonderful website.
  • Do you want to sell things from your website? If you do, you need to know more about money from e-commerce and your customers. Plus, some editors are more suited to e-commerce sites than others.
  • Are you planning to write a blog? Blogs will be much easier when using software to create them, and some authors have built up a blog.
  • Is this the only website you plan to do? If you do not want a professional web designer, a professional teacher does not need to spend a lot of money. As I said above, there are many free web editors offering a lot of professional features.

Start designing your website once you get a teacher

But I do not mean author or HTML. When learning HTML, when you work on designing a website, you must first work with your imagination. It is good to plan a good website design.

The Web design process I use goes like this:

  1. Determine the Site Purpose.
  2. Plan how the design works.
  3. Start designing the site on a paper or graphic tool.
  4. Create Site Content
  5. Start building the site with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other tools.
  6. Check the site and I think I'm done.
  7. Upload and re-test the site for the hosting provider.
  8. Encourage my site to get market and new audiences.

Creating a website is more than HTML

If you think that you want your site to be, you can start writing HTML. But remember that the best websites use HTML. As I mentioned above, they are good to use CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, and other things. But if you take your time, you can create a website that you will be proud of.
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