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Smart Shoes: Latest Wearable Events Best smart shoes 2018

Smart Shoes: Latest Wearable Events Best smart shoes 2018

No, we are not talking about the light up of your choice from the middle school - smart shoes footwear that promises to track your steps, helps you with your training and all the clock work as a track recorder around you. Best Smart Shoes.

This tendency has really resigned (meaning of the word). It creates a notch in January 2016 in CES, when Armor's UA Speedform Gemini 2 record equipped footwear is released, which may be expected at around $ 150 by the end of February, the company also plans for Healthbox Workout Tracking A comprehensive system has been announced. Of course, under the Armor this show was not the only company to launch a smart shoe; We've seen new products from iPhite, Joke Tech, and Digital.

Whether you should be a latest shopping tracker in a pair of smart shoes, keep reading for a look at what these products offer and what the current options offer.

The Basics
First of all, let's not forget that Nike already provides Nike + Shoes that follows basic statistics like distance and speed. The difference with the latest batch of smart shoes is that they are committed to improving technology with extra-stock tracking, and some of them integrate with your fitness devices to provide a complete picture of your activity levels.

Armor's UA Direction Under 2 Gemini is a solid example of smart footwear that is focused on bringing more data to your workout routine. Like a regular wrist-density activity tracker, they include a chip that tracks figures like distance, speed and long length. As with many fitness-tracking devices, it can be detected automatically when wearer or moving, and closes them to the wearman and they do not use shoes when they enter a "sleep mode". Presumably comfortably, the shoe stores information such as how many miles your total has been run.

As I mentioned above, this arm is under wearable in order to try his hand away from the sole company, but the heart rate stabilization includes a wristband, stands to accept a method that goes beyond shoes, which is a scale fat and a breast strap of weight and measurement Calories burned and your active BPM track concept is that your shoes are your fitness data An extension to the system - which, while adding another cost, can draw a full, more active picture of your workout statistics.

As the price, it seems that most smart shoes have anomalies fall between the $ 150- $ 300 range, such as $ 450 Digitsole, but these pairs do not even appear to be focused on tracking your workouts. It's "smart" at the push of a "button" step-by-step, foot warmth and automatic power. In other words, they say more about cruelty than tracking every metric in your workplace.

Do you need a pair?

Although smart shooters can claim that their intelligent footwear devices provide a more accurate tracker than devices that wear your wrist, there is still no reason to switch to this type of footwear. For one, you want to make sure that you can wear the most comfortable running or exercise shoes possible - if smart shoes do not fit well, then what is the power point of more statistics?

Also, consider your fitness goals. If you are a professional athlete, you probably have access to the cutting edge of tracking and stock monitoring. If you are a marathon runner, there is no shortage of special watch and trackers to help you. And if you're a more casual enthusiast, your wallet will be served by a more budget friendly device.

In any case, this is the initial day of the latest shoe of smart shoes, so if you are not a quick receiver, it can not be the best time of lens.
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