Thursday, 31 May 2018

NOFX Apologize for Vegas Mass Shooting Joke Apology

NOFX Apologize for Vegas Mass Shooting Joke Apology

Fat microphone (R) of NOFX performs throughout the Punk In Drublic Craft brewage And Music pageant at American state Exposition on Oct. 15, 2017 in Sacramento, Calif. NOFX Apologize for Vegas Mass Shooting Joke Apology.

Punk rock music usually homes arguable subjects, however NOFX true crossed the road with their Vegas mass shooting jokes at the rock'n'roll Bowling & Music pageant in Las Vegas on Sunday. throughout their set, frontman Fat microphone over the performance with offensive remarks concerning the mass shooting at the Route ninety one Harvest pageant on Oct. 1, 2017, that left fifty eight folks dead.

“I guess you’re solely obtaining shot in Vegas if you’re a rustic band,” he said. “I mean, that sucked. a minimum of they were country fans and not rock'n'roll fans.”

The band took to their official Facebook page on Th (May 31) to handle the onstage remarks, promising a a lot of "in depth" apology is on the method. “I can’t sleep, nobody in my band," the post reads. "What we tend to aforementioned in Vegas was stinking and insensitive and that we square measure all embarrassed by our remarks. therefore we tend to set we'll all get along to debate associate degreed write an full, sincere, and honest apology as a result of that’s what the folks we tend to displeased and hurt be.”

NOFX Jokes regarding Tragic Las Vegas Shooting: 'At Least They Were Country Fans'
Radio Station X1075’s Dave Farra and Jason Mahoney announce the video of the offense on their Twitter account on weekday.

 NOFX thought it might be "hilarious" to joke regarding the Oct one shootings whereas on stage in Las Vegas. They aforementioned "at least they were country fans and not rock'n'roll fans". this is often distasteful and callous. we'll ne'er support something involving this band ever once more.

Punk Rock Bowling founders Mark and professional dancer Stern issued a press {release|an announcement} to the Las Vegas Review-Journal following the video's release. “In lightweight of NOFX’s comments throughout their performance at the rock'n'roll Bowling and Music pageant, we'd prefer to provide a proper apology to those present, town of Las Vegas, the victims and also the families of 10/1. Las Vegas is home to the rock'n'roll Bowling & Music pageant, and that we don't excuse the statements made of our stage on Sunday night.”

“We take the security of our festivalgoers seriously and need to relay that there's nothing funny regarding folks being shot and dead, ever,” they continuing.

A representative from Camp Punk in Drublic pageant in Ohio told TMZ that NOFX won't be performing arts this weekend as planned and have since been replaced on Saturday’s lineup. The band Maine 1st and also the Gimmie Gimmies, conjointly that includes Fat microphone, has been cut from the pageant too.
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