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The way KnowinglyTake it Healthy Living life - how to live long life without disease

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how to live long life without disease

Everyone wants to enjoy everyone's healthy and normal life. Living a healthy life means not changing your whole life style. In some simple ways you can lead a healthy normal life. Here are some tips for you to follow that can lead you to a normal and healthier life.

1. Practice sleeping every morning. Wake up and walk for 30-40 minutes. The best exercise to walk. It will keep your mind and body both fresh and tidy. In the morning, you can drink 1-2 glasses of water in an empty stomach, which can be saved from the ACDT.

2. You can exercise according to your physical structure. As well as walking, you can exercise yoga.

3. Take a shower regularly. Especially after exercising, you can take a bath with a little rest. If you do not have regular bathing, your body's lymph nodes can be blocked, which can have a serious effect on your body.

4. Drink at least 2-3 liters of pure water each day. If you can drink light hot water with honey and lemon in the morning.

5. Have at least two kinds of vegetables and 1 fruit per meal meal. If you can keep fast for 1 day in a week, then your body will have a balanced diet.

6. You can eat vegetables salad at the beginning of each meal. You can create different types of vegetables together. Of course, there is a lot of vegetables. Avoid residual foods or refrigerated foods. Eat food as you cook.

7. You can eat fruits only for 1 a day from morning till noon till lunch and then eat lunch.

8. Be careful about hair. Hair enhances the beauty of the man. Shampoo at least 1 day a week. This will keep your mind fresh.

9. Always keep yourself busy. It is good for both mind and body. Take regular care of the body. Wear your favorite clothes. Keep the beauty of the body.

10. Do not drink excessive coffee and tea. You can eat bald and delicious fruit juices in the past.

11. Avoid oily and fat foods. Avoid high sugar foods such as soft drinks, ice cream etc.

12. Do not tell Fastfute. This type of food contains lots of fat which is a serious threat to health. In particular, the likelihood of the menstruation of their children increases.

13. Avoid excessive driving. Try to work on foot. You can stay healthy for a long time.

14. Do not tell about smoking and drugs. If you have any habit, try to abstain or consult a doctor.

15. Wear slim cotton dresses before sleeping. This is because there is no disturbance in the process of inhalation of the body when wearing thin cotton cotton.

Be aware of health and stay healthy ... Thank you.

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