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How to adding search functionality to Your Website

Visit your website and give them the easy way to find the information they want

How to adding search functionality to Your Website

The main ingredient for creating a user-friendly website is to find information that is easily accessible to those who visit your website. Website navigation that is easy to use and comprehensible for user-friendly, but sometimes the visitors of the website need more than intuitive Neven to find the things they're looking for. This is where a website search feature can come easily.

To get this feature, you have a few options to start a search engine on your site using a CMS (if your site is created in a Contest Management System). Since many CMS platforms use a database to store page content, these platforms often come with a search utility to ask for a database. For example, there is a preferred CMS ExpressionEngine. This software is a simple-to-deployment utility that includes site search on web pages created in that system.

If your site is not running a CMS with this type of capability, you can still add search to that site. You can run a general gateway interface (CGI) across your entire site, or you can add a search feature to JavaScript across the page. You can run an external site catalog and your search from it.

Remotely Hosted Search CGIs

The most simple way to add a remote host search CGI is usually to search your site. You sign up with a search service and they have your site catalog for you. Then you can add search criteria to your pages and your customers can find your site using this tool.

The weakness in this method is that you limit the features that search companies offer to their particular products. Also, only the pages on the Internet are listed (Intranet and Extranet sites can not be listed). Finally, your site is listed only periodically, so you do not have a guarantee that your new pages will be added to the search database immediately. If you want your search features to be up-to-date at all, then that last point may be a contract breaker.

The following sites offer free search capabilities for your website:

  • Google Custom Search Engine: Google Custom Search Engine lets you search your own site, but create collections for search. This makes search more interesting for your readers because you can specify multiple sites to include in the search results. You can invite your community to contribute sites to search engines.
  • FusionBot: This service offers multiple searches. At the free level you will get 250 page contents, one automatic indicator per month, 1 manual indicator per month, basic reporting, sitemap and more. It even supports search across SSL domains.
  • FreeFind: Easy to sign up for this free service. This is an additional feature of Sitemap and "New Key" pages automatically generated with your search field. You control how much you spider your site, so you can be sure that the new page is added to the index. This allows you to add additional spider web sites to include in the search.
  • siteLevel Internal Site Search: With this free service, add functionality to the page that you are not included in the database. So if you want to make a specific section private, and not searchable, you will simply be listed as an excluded area, and those pages will not be searchable. Free service will be indexed 1000 pages per week with a re-index.

Javascript search

JavaScript Search allows you to quickly add search capability to your site, but JavaScript support is limited to browsers.

All in-in-site site search scripts: These search scripts use Google, MSN and Yahoo! Using! To search your site. Beautiful chicon.

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