Monday, 28 May 2018

Best headphone for iphone lightning Cable with NC/ABC?

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Best headphone for iphone lightning Cable with NC/ABC?

Questions :

Hi Techlifeware,

After a recent vacation that concerned a fairly clangorous flight, I’m wanting to urge a try in-ear phone for the i-phone X with a lightning instrumentation and that has tight Noise Cancelling/Active Noice Cancelling and would have an interest to listen to if you've got any recommendations.

Best regards


Answers :

Hi Jon,

Thanks for visiting SoundGuys! Adam tested out the Libratone Q-Adapt, that have their shortcomings however ar one among the few viable active noise-cancelling, USB-C in-ears on the market. Otherwise, Best headphones , the Xiaomi Mi ANC ar a solid choice straight away. sadly, the USB-C phone market still leaves loads to be desired straight away.

– Ariyan Islam

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