Saturday, 24 March 2018

Best PHP Scripts News Tickers for your website 2018

PHP Daytrader's Candlestick Pattern Hunter v1.0

PHP Daytrader's Candlestick Pattern Hunter v1.0

PHP DiDrader's candlestick pattern script is a "strong" PHP / JavaScript / JavaScript script that takes a free close real-stock stock quotation feed (from Alpha Bhataz and to create a "live" full featured histocomp computation chart. HYSOFT) To show your stocks, using the Calculative Chart, "Price Effectiveness" can be monitored on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile computer / phone that is close to a responsive webpage.

Candlestick charts (5 or 15 min - delayed quotations) for any other stock found in the NHS, NASDAQ and the following list of exchanges (click here to support of all exchanges). In addition to displaying the value of a stock, this script hunts for the most common candlestick patterns and hangs their flags in the chart, because they use to predict the behaviors of behavior of all stocks in their portfolio (bullish, bearish, neutral).

You get 100% source code for this script so that it is configurable so that the detractors can monitor their own patterns!

Yumefave | Laravel News & Blog

Yumefave | Laravel News & Blog

A complete Laravel is the latest (Laravel 5.4) application that you can create a news site or blog.

Well-displayed on iPhone, iPad, Android device and desktop computers. Brave user interface, easy to use, and runs fast with latest design trend and optimal butterfly industrial value.

A top notch created by the US team to run the enterprise website with worldwide traffic.

You can now create your WordPress / media or even CNN site within 5 minutes!

  • Featured Articles
  • Today's Top Stories
  • News by category
  • Blogs
  • Search
  • Admin panel
  • Category Management
  • Post management
  • Tag Management
  • User management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimized)
  • Responsive design

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