15 Most Popular social sharing plugins for WordPress 2019

15 Most Popular social sharing plugins for WordPress 2019: Social share is now an integral part of our internet experience. Social media is constantly growing and it is also popular with older people.


With so much information on the Internet, what you really need to track is a real achievement. Search engines enable it to find the information you need, but social media play an important role in helping you find your desired websites. Why? Your friends or people you follow are very similar to you and when they share something, you get more chances to find shared information about interest.

72% of Internet users are active in social media and it represents a marketing opportunity that you can not ignore. After search engines, it is the social media that handles the maximum traffic to websites. Unlike normal advertisements and television slots, it works for 2-way communication and helps to create brand awareness.

15 Most Popular social sharing plugins for WordPress 2019: Creating good content is done only half of a job done. The target audience is the other cute half before it get to it. Where that social sharing can give a leg up You can tap a share button from almost any screen and the content is immediately shared. I sincerely provide insightful information about website traffic sources over the past few years from search engines and various social networks who will be encouraged to read this nice article to you Shareaholic.

Many social sharing plugins for WordPress are available which you can use on your website. I've picked a couple of popular here for a quick read.

Premium Plugins


15 Most Popular social sharing plugins for WordPress 2019

Monarch is a top rated social sharing plugin that comes from elegant themes. With its prominent options, a powerful social sharing plugin, Emperor 20+ social network support settings can be managed from custom panels on the WordPress dashboard. Your settings can be easily imported and exported from a WordPress site, so you can set up and activate the plugin easily if you have more than one site

There are many displays and placement options to encourage social shares. The features below also make it very versatile -
  • Icon's default color is the colors and logos of the corresponding networks, but you can change it according to your preferences. Color, shape and adaptation can be changed to match your personal taste.
  • Icon responds multiple ways when the mouse jumps over them - simple, increase, flip, borders and slides.
  • You can pick icons and sort them in a sequence, even show the number of shares.
  • Placement options include pickup and fly ins. You can create it so that the buttons are displayed after a certain timeframe or after the other triggers you set. For example, ending a page or inactivity to reach a longer term. A sure way to capture the attention of visitors to your site
  • Content loads can be placed for pages, icon content, or both at top or bottom. It detects trend post and pages start and end.
  • Readers will be sent to share the webpage in the social media floating sidebar.
  • The icon appears when the share buttons are placed on video and images as well as a visitor hovers over them.
  • Conveniently accessed through mobile phones, they drag down the square hoists.
  • Share, likes and follow can be watched and monitored in an impressive and highly comprehensive interface. Statistics can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard. Also you can do this, so that the number of shares is displayed after reaching the number of a specified minimum number.

Purchase Price: For $ 89 per year, you will receive 87 of their premium themes and their complete collection of offers plugins including Monarch.


15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Kiwi is a simple and easy to use social sharing plugin which is available as free and premium version. This is one of the most popular social sharing plugins for WordPress and some themes with themes made by Colorlib.

Social Warfare

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Social Warfare is a spectacular stunning plugin that gives you access to great features. It supports the popular social network and works nicely with a well-built wordpress theme.
Plugin Pinterest Image supports Pinterest engagement for some industries, resulting in potential increase in traffic, but the default image size acts as a dumper. With social wars, Pinterest can load specific images, without affecting regular images.

Another plus with Social Warfare is that you can add a touch quote box in a variety of designs in your content box, and you can add custom tweets quotes to individual posts.

Social Warfare Developer is friendly and a user can extend functionality with add-ons. This includes many things in your frame booster plugin that protects your content from adding content to your own.

Some features available as part of the Social Warfare -

  • The choice of 75 different colors and styles.
  • Responsive, fits any screen size
  • Show the number of shares can be added to the custom widget post.
  • Rich, larger, short cards can be added to Tweets.
  • The number of total and individual divisions may be displayed, the number of the bottom divisions can be kept secret.
  • You can track the shares with the utm tracking code.
Purchase price: $ 200 for 10 websites starts from one website to $ 200


15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

WPSharely you can get help to get more social shares, attract more visitors and track your results. It works on the principle that viewers will share content to share something for themselves by sharing it. The content is locked, and you will unlock only by sharing the specific page in question. To share the shares, you can create articles, pictures, links, coupon codes, videos, audio or other innovation that you can cook.

Other features of this awesome plugin include -
  • Content lockers can be covered in four different themes.
  • Content lockers can be kept in a post or a specific snippet hidden on a page.
  • The source code can hide locked content.
  • Option to hide registered members.
  • Content locker shares that can change the URL.
  • Facebook has recently banned such practices, but it is still allowed on other social networks.
Purchase Price: $ 60 for single site license, multi site $ 95 and professional $ 240 to see lower prices, you have to click their share button 😉

Social Share & Locker Pro

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018
Social shares and locker pro help make your website visible in social networks. The 'Locker' is meant to be locked into a content that can only be unlocked for adding a share, just like the previous plugin.

The feature that creates this ranking among the advanced plugins is -
  • 28 social networks are available and you can take your choice of icons.
  • 10 predefined themes are included and they come with the best font.
  • The full name / only icon / social share count on the network can be displayed or disabled.
  • It is possible to share email with a popup option.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, JigoShop and BuddyPress
  • This plugin is directly integrated with Visual Composer for set-up and use.
Purchase Price: $ 15 One Time Purchase.


15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018
TweetDis is a simple wordpress plugin for easy tweets. TweetDis works with slightly different ideas from the normal social sharing plugin. With TweetDis, you can easily create content like favorite quotes. TweetDis also implies that visual content is always good with social media and this plugin, you can even tweet images.

As well, it has the features below -

  • It is easy to use and many designs are available. You can easily add "click to tweet" boxes
  • Many design layouts
  • Tweet box can be customized.
  • Can be customized to make calls.
  • Text highlighting support
  • A default @ user can be tagged in your Tweets.
Purchase Price: If you want to use tweetsdid on your website, you will have to spend $ 37, but you can use it on 5 websites for only 5 dollars. For $ 77, you can use it on any of the websites.

Easy Social Metrics Pro

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

A simple, easy Social Metrix Pro is a super-awesome plugin that inspires you to monitor how your content works in social networks. You can quickly see which posts are the most concentrated and entertaining ones. Data is automatically collected and reports are timely. You can easily track pages, posts, images, videos or portfolio items.

Some other features are -
  • 12 major social networks are monitored.
  • Easy to set up and have a powerful dashboard You can access the social parts of the most popular posts, dates and social networks in a specific time period.
  • Comes with builtin widgets to display your top social posts.
Purchase Price: One time purchase price $ 28

Ultimate Social Deux

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Ultimate Social Docks is an interesting all-in-one package that works well as a socially shared plugin for most WP sites. It is compatible with a relatively new plugin and most plugins WordPress - Widgets WordPress, WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Ahesch Story Engine, Zodiac and Easy Digital Downloads.

It supports an email sharing option as well as 10 social media sites. The basic buttons of each site's logo can be adjusted for color, size, appearance and position.

Flatting can be added to social media times. The plugin uses lightweight JavaScript and CSS, so the buttons are loaded faster.

Purchase Price: $ 15 One Time Payment.

Flow Flow WordPress Social Stream

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

With Flow Flow, a stream of combinations of different social feeds can be made from the admin area. Shortcuts that are generated can then be copied somewhere on your website. When this is called for the first time, it gets cached on the server, and the next spectator will see the amazing quick response. Filters can be used for complex streams.

The number of streams you can have is limited by the type of server that runs your website. This plugin is quite flexible and it is difficult to load old and lower end devices. Your social feeds may be restricted by name or word by excluding posts by URLs. It supports 15 social networks.

Purchase Price: $ 24 for a superb attractive sharing plugin.

Social Network tab for WordPress

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Social Network tab for WordPress is a fast loading plugin that reduces the use of AJAX slides can be placed in tab page content. There are many optional features available for Facebook and Twitter to show complete posts or snippets. Supports 16 social networks and 69 feed options.

Purchase Price: $ 15 One Time Payment.


15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

ShareBang is a powerful, modern, fast and super easy-to-use social share wordpress plugin, designed to give you the ability to control everything with a button style or its position and its behavior and behave for each location or button position. , It comes with revolutionary panels with many options.

ShareBang 21 is the perfect engagement responsive locations (button locations) that will allow your visitors to share your pages, which will create more traffic and sales with the support of 3 dedicated positions for WooCommerce plugins and mobile and tablets which are built solely for mobile browsing.

It also will lock any page or post type that comes with social lockers unless the page participants take part in unlocking the content, but this feature will increase your content shares, if you provide a coupon or link, you can use this feature.

ShareBang mobile applications support +42 on major social networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Wire, Line, Viber etc.

One of the strong points in the ShareBang plugin creator (first of its kind) creator, who bought this plugin, took it in different ways, each one can create his own button theme setup which is a very nice feature. You create a button that shows your site

Including +35 elegant and clean button styles are fully customizable, and button updates (unique) that each update is being updated to bring new ideas with its free life time updates!

The numbers seen in the buttons are very good features that encourage people to share, when they know it is a very strong content, you can start a counting number for each social media.

It is integrated with Mailchimp and Mailster to create your mailing list after the share, followed by the shares, followers, subscribers, social networks, posts and more have its own Analytics system to monitor and monitor. This feature gives you the ability to track things over time

Completing the unique feature of the ShareBang A / B exam, he completes his experience, which can decide for you to choose between the Social Share Button Setup (profiles), which is the most effective formalities, and more transactions and achieves maximum resilience.
  • Light fast
  • +35 Create Social Share Button elegant design and final button theme maker
  • Share counter
  • Fully responsive & cross browser
  • 18 button location (desktop and mobile)
  • WooCommerce locations
  • Visual Composer Support
  • Automatic updates
  • Mail List Manufacturer
  • Social locker
  • Short code is supported
  • After the sharing process
  • Link Shortener
  • Google Analyst
  • A / B Test
  • Behavior control
  • Social Share Button Sorting
  • Total views
  • More button features
  • Google schema.org
  • First class support 24/7
This is a great deal plugin, complete and elegant way.
Purchase Price: A competitive price of $ 19 comes with one time purchase / free lifetime updates.

Social Locker for WordPress

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018
Social Locker Plugin works on the principle of locking content to increase shares. Content can also be flexible using transparent or semi-transparent overlays. It improves the social functioning of your site and creates a quality audience.

8 networks are supported and more are expected to be added soon. Built-in Advanced Analyzer This plugin features an added feature.

Purchase Price: $ 25 to access only those who share your content!

Simple Social Share Button for WordPress

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Simple Social Share Button is a shared solution that helps in sharing, enabling surveillance and increasing social traffic. It offers 18 display points and supports about 35 social networks.

Extra buttons like buttons, comments, prints and mails are available. Social media image sharing is free and available in WordPress, although video sharing is a paid option. It comes with an easy to set up the wizard.

Purchase Price: $ 19 added social share buttons to your WP sites.

Freemium Plugin

Easy Share Button Adder

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

A plugin simple that you add can button to all posts pages and your, the simple Share Adder Buttons you choose lets a set image that works well with your website or yourself

The features packed in this plugin are -

  • 10 different button sets
  • Color can be customized with color picker functionality.
  • URLs can be minimized
  • Share tags can be adjusted and you can place buttons where you want
  • All share button events can be tracked from your dashboard
The most recent updates (November 2015) include Yummly Sharing Functionality - Users can now share recipes from the same page, without using dirty popups. This button can only be placed on separate pages. Email popup option has been updated. The number of Twitter shares was officially removed and so was released without this version.

Purchase Price: The premium version is also available. For $ 10, you can activate common share buttons on 1 site, $ 25 for 3 sites and $ 100 for unlimited number of websites.

Active installs: 100,000+, star rating 4.7


15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018
SumoMe is not a single application, but a suite of apps designed to increase traffic. And a WordPress compatible version of SumoMe makes it easy to integrate with the WordPress site. It is not necessary to use your full suite, and you can choose the one you want by creating an account.

This app can add share buttons on the personal target image, URL shortcut and stats feature. It social 16 services supports including Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. This will help UTM see how your traffic is pointing to your share of links.

Purchase Price: $ 10 / month for their starter pack and free with branding and payment options starting at $ 100 / month for their professional pack.

Add this

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

To add this social sharing icon, different designs and icon sizes are possible. It supports 200 social media services. Manufacturers claim that sharing these websites using these sharing buttons shows a 20% increase.

Plugins are a free, but have a premium version. The premium version contains additional features like floating sidebar and additional two widgets.

Active installs: 200,000+, star rating 3.7

Free plugins


15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Shareaholic is one of the more popular social sharing plugins. For websites, their award-winning tools will increase page views, repeat times, sites, and sharing time rates. Using the Analysis Keyboard will help to easily understand the audience and distribute the appropriate content.

All of the following features can be found in the shared area,

  • Different types of social sharing buttons, more interesting than local buttons
  • WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Shopping and more.
  • Support for social analysis and shortcode placement.
  • Related content is displayed.
  • Control the number of shares displayed

Shareholder (among developers' words) is a universal content supply and monetized platform that is shared socially.

Purchase Price: It's free, but you must be registered to access the offer features.

Activated 100,000+ active, star rating 3.8.

Social sharing by Danny

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018

Social Partnership by Danny is a barebones plugin that adds shared buttons for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. It's easy, lightweight and versatile icons can be easy with Hover effect and appear in almost any location. Buttons can be added automatically or using shortcuts.

Load time is really fast because it does not involve any heavy scripting, it's about 600 bytes of simple script which is not jQuery dependent.

Active installs: 3000+, Star rating 5

Click to tweet

15 Most Popular Premium and Free Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress 2018
Click the tweet on Twitter with a special focus on another social sharing plugin. This is one of the easiest ways to promote, share and track your content on Twitter.

Sum up

It is not important to go overboard and plug in all the WordPress social sharing that is available. Just add what is needed and what is appropriate for your site's audience demographics.

This post will be incomplete, if I do not mention here that Twitter has officially closed the number of Twitter shares. It may still be available through other methods, but a third-party button for Twitter will not be reacted. The Twitter button count element will be removed. When choosing a plugin, exchange restrictions like Facebook should be considered.

The plugin you selected is a very personal choice. It depends on your website and the unique character of the audience.

Emperor manages various types of configurations and loads quite quickly. Social Media Feeder, Simple Share Button, Adr and Mashashar are also excellent options. Easy Share Button Adder is quite easygoing in addition to any fancy settings and so is shared socially by Danny.

If I do not have any specific requirements and are looking for a terrific social partnership plugin I will go with any free options or choose a premium plugin which can not feature a feature other than my website.

I hope the article was helpful and you can find the right social sharing plugin for your WordPress  website.

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