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15 Best free WordPress social share plugin 2019

15 Best free WordPress social share plugin 2019: Every blogger wants to achieve search engine rank for their blog and search engines are like social activities, why all webmasters want to add social buttons to their websites. According to the popularity of WordPress, a large percentage of bloggers using WordPress.

Creating good content is done only half of a job done. The target audience is the other cute half before it get to it. Where that social sharing can give a leg up You can tap a share button from almost any screen and the content is immediately shared. I sincerely provide insightful information about website traffic sources over the past few years from search engines and various social networks who will be encouraged to read this nice article to you Shareaholic.

WordPress Social Share Plugin .

15 Best free WordPress social share plugin 2019

Wordpress Social Share Plugins are really very useful for every blogger to add social buttons to their blogs really. Many social plugins are available directly in WordPress, some of them have a demo version and some of them help to use a number of unique and premium WordPress premium premium plugins such as a free free premium market Codecanyan.

Today I will share 15 Fantastic free social share plugins, which will encourage the social activities of your website.


WordPress Social Share Plugin

Take more social traffic with AddThis WordPress social plugin. With this plugin you can choose a social platform that you want to add to your site from your social media (like Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Tumblr). Yes, Addthis Plugin Integrated 300 Social Platform.


2.Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bars Another fantastic social plugin for WordPress. This plugin is developed by Wpbegainner. A beautiful feature is available in this plugin. Social buttons will not be loaded while traveling, when a visitor will overwhelm the buttons that will be loaded. This does not affect the speed of your webpage.

3. Digg Digg

Digg Digg

Digg Digg, share your blog social with a very popular social sharing wordpress plugin. It has been downloaded more than 869,074. You can show your social buttons count, this plugin has popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +1, Raditt, Twitter, Facebook shares, Yahoo Badge, Stimploon, Delixius and many more.

4. Jetpack by

Jetpack by

Jetpack is one of the most popular wordpress plugins that has many great features. We can call all this plugin all in all WordPress plugins, jetpack has all the important features that the website needs. It is a social plugin which is very nice, you can increase the social shares of your post or content using the jetpack social plugin.

5. ShareThis


1,993,688 Download Share This plugin is becoming popular every day. This social plugin has 120 social networks and it looks beautiful. Share it provides social analysis, so that you can know more about the social integration of your website.

6. Share Buttons by AddToAny

Share Buttons by AddToAny

AddToAny's 100 social network platforms such as StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, Facebook, Twitter and many social bookmark sites. It has shortcodes that will help the developers to integrate this plugin where their theme has to be added. This is also responsive social sharing plugin.

7. Flare


This is the look of the Flare Wordpress social share plugin. It's so modern looking this plugin has a widget to follow me, so people can follow your blog by this. Flare team recently created a hosted application version that is supported with WordPress and CMS with WordPress. They call the new version Flare Lights.

8. Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feeder is a very light and hassle-free social sharing plugin, it does not want any social activity on your site that will not be loaded for your users. This means that the plugin will load when users are going to share something, this is a great feature for a blogger to put their site at a fast pace.

9. Shareaholic


Shareholic has some nice features, not just social networking platforms, this plugin is becoming the most popular for social bookmarking features. There are insights to social analytics to find out how your content is working on Shareaholic social media.

10. Social Sharing by Danny

Social Sharing by Danny

Social sharing by Danny only comes with famous famous Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks, it aims to provide very light (only 600 bytes) social sharing tools. It's shortcut because you can add this plugin wherever you want.

11. Slick Social Sharing Buttons

Slick Social Sharing Buttons

Most popular social platforms and social bookmarking sites which pinterest pin it, buffer, stumbleupon, digg, delicious, reddit, Google +1, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in the Squeak Social Social Sharing buttons. By using this WordPress social plugin you can improve the social activities of your website among users.



Another beautiful social share plugin on your WordPress blog, you can add a social widget to your sidebar through social media widgets. It has 4 icon styles, 4 animations and 3 size icons, you can add social subscription with this plugin.



Floating Social Media Icon 20+ Icon Styles, Multiple Widgets, Icon Size Set, Shortcode Support and Many More It's easy to configure, less loaded (only the essential social media).

14. PO.ST


The POSH WordPress Social Plugin does not only play a role in the social media platform, it will also generate returns for webmasters. This plugin displays 300 × 250 ad units in the Social Partnership Confirmation box, which means that users will share your content via PO.ST but they will see 300 × 250 pair units in the confirmation box and you will earn money through these units You'll find that it has an Analysis Dashboard to give you information sharing on your site up to $ 25 CPM.



The vast social sharing comes with 90 popular social networks, your users share your content with this plugin. This plugin is compatible with Buddypress & bbpress.

If you need more advanced social plugins if you are free to use the above WordPress social share plugins, then you can go to codecanyon. There you will find huge horrible and 15 Best free WordPress social share plugin 2019 for only 10-20 bucks.

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